Where to eat for less than €10 in Lisbon?

Manger pour moins de 10e à Lisbonne

Are you greedy but not very rich? The good news is that it’s easy to eat cheap in Lisbon… and still have a great time!

When you’re on vacation in Lisbon, the bill can quickly mount up: a visit, a restaurant, a cruise on the Tagus, and you’re forced to watch your spending. The good news is that there’s no need to economize on meals, as you can always find a cheap restaurant in Lisbon to eat at a lower cost. It’s even an opportunity to discover some typical Portuguese cantinas! Here are our top places to eat cheap in Lisbon.

1. Há Tapas no Mercado!!! homemade tapas for you to enjoy

Há Tapas No Mercado!!! is already on our list of the 10 best restaurants in Lisbon. But it’s also an inexpensive restaurant in Lisbon! No big portions, but tapas(petiscos) made with local products, served in a family atmosphere… Ideal for those with a small appetite!

Address: Há Tapas no Mercado!!!, Rua Ângela Pinto 14

2. Restaurante Mili: fresh fish for under €10

Restaurante Mili may not look like much, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best budget restaurants in the capital. The dishes are simple (especially fish), but hearty and delicious. The welcome is very pleasant: you’d think you were with a family…

Address: Restaurante Mili, Calcada de Santana 41

3. Estaminé Art Food Drink: a welcome just like home

At Estaminé Art Food Drink, Joyce and Luis welcome you as if you were family. The food is very simple (toast, soup, cheese…) but delicious and made right before your eyes. A wonderful culinary and human experience.

Address: Estaminé Art Food Drink, Calçada do Monte, 86 A

4. Taberna Sal Grosso: tapas for the hungry

Excellent tapas in the right quantities, at reasonable prices. Perfect for a cheap meal in Lisbon – provided you’re not ravenously hungry. Beware, the place is very popular: remember to make reservations!

Address: Taberna Sal Grosso, Calcada do Forte, 22

5. Sucolento: to eat porcolento

Sucolento’s specialty, porcolento, is a slow-cooked pork dish. The result: tender, flavorful meat… An inexpensive restaurant in Lisbon that’s well worth a visit: everything is homemade, and with great care!

Address: Sucolento, Rua do Instituto Industrial 7

6. Verde Minho: Portuguese cuisine on a budget

Verde Minho has everything you’d expect from a small, inexpensive restaurant in Lisbon: family-style Portuguese cuisine, a small dining room, a limited selection (a guarantee of quality!) but hearty portions, for less than €10. If you’re not a big eater, the half portions are more than enough!

Address: Verde Minho, Calcada de Santana, 17 e 19

7. Sanskar Nepal: a taste journey to India

If you want to eat cheaply in Lisbon while discovering new flavors, go to Sanskar Nepal, a modest but very welcoming restaurant. The food is delicious, and it’s also a great place for vegetarians.

Address: Sanskar Nepal, Rua das Chagas 25

8. O Bitoque: the canteen for eating a bitoque

O Bitoque is a very Portuguese canteen, charming in its simplicity. It’s the perfect place to try bitoque, a typically Portuguese dish of meat, egg, French fries, rice and raw vegetables.

Address: O Bitoque, Rua Ferreira Borges, 59

9. Crisfama: the fish canteen

Still in the canteen category, Crisfama. The menu features mostly fish – always fresh and well-chosen – cooked with restraint. The plates are carefully presented, the welcome pleasant, the portions generous… For all these reasons, the Crisfama is very popular: remember to make a reservation!

Address: Crisfama, Rua da Cruz de Santa Apolónia

10. NATA Lisboa: the improved sandwich shop

Initially, the NATA Lisboa chain specialized in pastel de nata, Lisbon’s typical pastry flan. But the savoury side of the menu is just as satisfying: nothing too complicated (tartines, quiches, sandwiches), but it’s very good, and not expensive. The little extra: the terrace!

Address: NATA Lisboa, Rua de Sta. Cruz do Castelo, 5 a 11