Where can you find the cheapest pint of beer in Paris?

Pinte bière moins chères de Paris

An app lets you find the cheapest beer in Paris, right on the spot

But where can you find the cheapest beer in Paris? That’s the question you ask yourself when you’re on a budget and know that the capital is expensive when it comes to going out for a drink with friends. And even if you prefer cocktails, a good pint of beer is a must after a hard day’s work…

Except that in Paris, a drink isn’t for everyone. Bars and pubs charge €7, €8 or even €10 for a pint of beer. In some touristy parts of Paris, it’s even better not to sit on the terrace.

There’s a site that will interest you: have you heard of Mister Good Beer? Quite simply, it’s a good idea to always have on your smartphone. It lists the bars serving the cheapest beers in Paris, with or without happy hour.

Mister Good Beer, bières moins chères Paris

Displayed on an interactive map, prices indicate which bars offer the cheapest pints in the capital. When you click on one of them, the name of the bar appears, along with its address, the price of the beer and the times when it’s served.

Bars can be filtered according to the price of a pint of beer. Only 4 bars (listed on the app) offer pints for €2.50: L’Univers (11 rue d’Enghien), Le Dude (214 rue saint-maur), L’Orange Mécanique (72bis rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud) and l’Oberkafé (131 rue Oberkampf).

Will the application soon be available throughout France?

Will we soon be able to find out which bar serves the cheapest beer in France? Perhaps… as the site begins to list bars in several French towns. Stay tuned…

The site also allows users to contribute to the database. So if you’ve got a good beer suggestion in Paris, please share it with everyone!