What you need to know about chartering a boat in Alsace Lorraine

Naviguer en Terres d'Oh !

Are you thinking of renting a boat to cruise the waters of Alsace Lorraine? All you need to know about boat hire!

With its winding canals, splendid rivers and picturesque landscapes, Alsace-Lorraine is a prime destination for boating enthusiasts. If you’re looking to hire a boat to discover the region, this article is for you. We’ll guide you through the different types of boats available, the region’s waterways where you can sail in complete safety, and the practical information you need to know to make the most of your boating experience.

Alsace-Lorraine: the perfect destination for your river adventure



This region boasts an exceptional natural river network, offering sumptuous scenery. Sail on rivers and waterways such as the Canal de la Sarre and the Canal de la Marne au Rhin. Terres d’ Oh boasts 125 km of canals. Along them, a variety of landscapes and historic monuments are available for your curiosity.

Admire the gentle slopes of the valleys, the half-timbered houses and the old castles of the Moselle. The Saar, the Moselle’s largest tributary at 220km, is also a must-see in the region. Please note, however, thata navigation permit is required to sail on the German side of the river.

Why rent a boat?

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Renting a personal boat gives you total freedom to set up your own program at your own pace. Unlicensed boats are simple and easy to pilot, so they’re accessible to everyone, with no need for qualifications or sailing experience.

The rides are quiet, with boat speed limited to 8km/h on the canals and 3km/h in the ports and villages. Passing through the locks is a simple maneuver, and you’ll meet other boaters along the way. So, what are you waiting for to try out this new way of discovering Alsace-Lorraine?

How can you rent a boat in Alsace-Lorraine with complete peace of mind?

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Several companies offer rental services in the region, including Nicols, Vintage Boat, Le Boat, Navig France, Les Canalous, Locaboat Holidays and Kuhnle Tours. They offer a wide range of boats, from small no-license boats to spacious houseboats. When it comes to choosing the right service provider, look for those with experience and a good knowledge of the trade. They’ll be able to offer you advice and services tailored to your needs.

Welcome and support are also important criteria, as are availability in case of emergency and compliance with safety regulations. Make sure the company hasa well-maintained and regularly renewed fleet of boats. Also check customer reviews and the company’s liability/travel insurance coverage. That way, you can sail the waters of this magnificent region with complete peace of mind!

You now have the essentials for a boat rental in Alsace Lorraine. All that’s left is to climb aboard and enjoy this unique experience. Have you ever sailed the waters of this beautiful region? Share your suggestions and memories in the comments below to inspire other readers!