What to do in Incheon, South Korea

Plage Incheon

Visiting Incheon: what are the best things to do and see in this South Korean city?

Incheon is a city in South Korea best known for its airport, from which you can fly into Seoul. However, the city is also worth a visit before heading to the Korean capital, for a number of reasons.

Incheon boasts a superb coastline and, in particular, a fine sandy beach, where you can enjoy a swim in the summertime, as well as a beautiful sunset! Among the many points of interest for beach lovers, theisland of Wolmido is an interesting stop-off point to enjoy the fresh air, delicious seafood restaurants and also a beautiful sea cruise thanks to the many excursions available.

Incheon, Wolmido

Photo credit: Flickr – travel oriented

Another point of interest in Incheon: its bridge! The Incheon Bridge connects the city of Incheon with Yeongjong Island and measures over 12 kilometers, making it the longest bridge in South Korea. It offers a beautiful panorama for photographers!

In Incheon, there are usually many vantage points overlooking the sea, so you can take full advantage of this city, which is much airier than Seoul!

Finally, the city of Incheon is full of parks where it’s pleasant to take a stroll. In terms of culture, the city is home to Chinatown, a Chinese quarter that’s also worth a visit, as well as numerous temples such as the colorful and well-preserved Heungryunsa, or Jeondeungsa, where you can even spend a night to experience the country’s religious culture.

incheon jeongdeungsa temple

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Steve46814

This makes Incheon the ideal stopover if you want to get away from it all after visiting Seoul, and the perfect city if you like seaside breaks.

While you’re in Incheon, take the opportunity to discover the city of Songdo. It’s a city of the future, an ultra-connected green city in South Korea. Songdo is a pioneering smart city, built on polders reclaimed from the muddy waters of the Yellow Sea.

The best way to get from Seoul to Incheon is by Arex (Korail Airport Railroad), a very fast and fairly economical train. If you’re travelling to Seoul, a weekend in Incheon will take around 1.5 hours.

Main photo credit: Wikimedia – Shiwon Cho