What exactly is World Heritage?

Some corners of the planet are unique, so a list has been drawn up to keep them up to date.

UNESCO is the « United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization », which defends peace and the human spirit. It has drawn up a list of our planet’s outstanding heritage sites: architecture, natural areas, or places that combine both characteristics. These are heritages that must be preserved for the future.

1,031 properties listed throughout France

The organization has ensured that cultural and natural heritages from every continent are represented, so that there is a global balance in the ranking. Each geographical zone thus presents unique monuments, ecosystems or mixed spaces. The conservation, management and transmission to future generations of the properties inscribed on the list must be values respected by the states that own them.

In addition to the measures that the government can take to defend them, « The World Heritage Volunteer » is a project that brings together volunteers to better protect humanity’s heritage. It’s a kind of international safeguard inspired by the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World: such timeless works of art can no longer be allowed to disappear.

Why is there a list of World Heritage in Danger?

The sites listed as endangered heritage sites are in danger of disappearing. UNESCO has put in place a number of criteria to determine which of the world’s buildings or natural sites are victims of scourges that will ultimately lead to their loss. The causes can be multiple: armed conflict, pollution, deforestation, erosion over time…

If some places on Earth are totally neglected, it’s important to know that it’s always possible to save them with a little willpower and a collective conscience. In particular, the use of drones to restore destroyed or damaged monuments is proof that mankind knows how to do more than just destroy, even in war-torn places like the Middle East.

Main photo credit: Wikimedia – Holger.Ellgaard