What brand has created « vagina-flavoured » potato chips?

Verified on 12/10/2022 by PasseportSanté
Quelle est cette marque qui a créé des chips au « goût vagin » ?

We’re all familiar with potato chips that taste like barbecue, paprika, cheese… The latest additions to the market now include a most surprising flavor: « Pussy Flavour ».

Which brand dared to launch this limited edition? And why? We tell you!

A brand of potato chips launches a limited edition with a vagina flavour

To set itself apart from the competition, one brand recently released a limited edition of potato chips with a flavor as surprising as it is unusual: « Pussy Flavour » or « vagina flavor »! The brand is Lithuanian Chazz, specialized in the production of vegan and gluten-free potato chips.

This unexpected flavor was conceived following a societal observation. The Chazz brand explains:  » According to data from a number of research studies carried out around the world in recent years, young people have three times less sex than their parents did when they were the same age. We took this disastrous trend to heart and came up with the idea of creating the world’s first ‘Pussy Flavour’ potato chips « .

An atypical creation that required several collections

To create this astonishing flavor, the company called on a number of compendia in an attempt to define the taste of the female sex. The research was carried out through forums and comments, and resulted in dozens of opinions from different countries.

By collecting opinions, the brand was able to send the common denominators to three spice manufacturers in Europe, with the aim of finding the perfect formula. Today, the « Pussy Flavour » potato chips can be purchased for €9.99. So, will you be tempted?