What are the health benefits of cold?

Verified on 15/11/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Quels sont les bienfaits du froid sur la santé ?

Cold weather and the return of winter offer more health benefits than you might think!

Exposure to cold stimulates the immune system, boosts resistance to stress and improves blood circulation. What’s more, fresh air can even improve sleep quality and boost energy levels! So many benefits you’d never suspect!

If the cold makes you dread winter, you should know that it’s also very good for your health. Discover the benefits of cold weather for your body!

Cold activates blood circulation

We tend to worry when the cold sets in. Yet many specialists insist on the health benefits of cold weather!

While it’s important to protect vulnerable people such as children, the sick and the elderly from the cold, you shouldn’t be afraid to step outside when temperatures drop below 0° C.

First of all, cold activates blood microcirculation. Organs are better nourished, which is excellent for the body! We’re more toned and our minds are sharper.

Good to know: Some research suggests that regular exposure to cold may stimulate the immune system by increasing the production of certain immune cells.

Cold makes you happier

What’s more, « cold causes the body to release endorphins, which are the hormones of happiness, » explains Frédéric Saldmann, cardiologist and nutritionist.

« The effects last for a few hours. During this time, we see life as rosy.

If it’s sunny, then you’ll be at the height of well-being, because when it’s cold, there’s more light, which acts like an antidepressant on melatonin, serotonin and dopamine secretion.

Integrative Health Research Assistant Myriam Willemse explains what cold does to the body. « When we go into the cold. There are several hormones that come into play. First, adrenalin, which acts as a shield. Then there are the endorphins, which act to stop the pain. Then cortisol, which helps us relax. And the oxytocin and dopamine combo, which gives us a feeling of intense joy. So all these things act in correlation .

It’s no coincidence that some specialists recommend taking cold showers to combat depression, fatigue and anxiety.

Good to know: Cold is said to have beneficial effects on certain stress-related pathologies , such as eczema, psoriasis and migraines .

Cold is a real fat burner!

And that’s not all! Cold is also a good way to lose weight, as it forces the body to burn more calories to keep warm!

According to a study by Cell Metabolism, the cold has an effect on our body’s white fat!

As a reminder, white fat is that which accumulates in the body and contributes to weight gain. Brown fat, on the other hand, is a type of adipose tissue that burns calories to produce body heat. Body heat is essential for the body to function properly.

It would also appear that cold temperatures transform undesirable white fat into brown fat, which is easier to eliminate!

Better than a diet, some researchers have even revealed that spending 15 minutes shivering in the cold is equivalent to an hour’s exercise! So make the most of the cold to get your figure back!

Cold helps you sleep better

The cold could prove to be a friend to little sleepers! Indeed, colder temperatures can be associated with better air quality in the bedroom!

And yes, cold helps you fall asleep faster! There’s a reason why specialists recommend a bedroom temperature of 16° to 19°! In fact, if you’re in a cool place, with your extremities covered, you’re guaranteed a great sleep!