What are the 5 foods to avoid after 60?

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Quels sont les 5 aliments à éviter après 60 ans ?

Diet is crucial to good health, especially as we age. So what foods should you avoid after 60? We take stock!

Whether it’s to prevent certain illnesses, combat muscle wasting or delay the appearance of wrinkles, adopting a healthy, balanced diet becomes a crucial issue as we age. With age, the body needs more resources to ensure its vital functions, but also to counter the effects of aging. Cellular aging, weakening of the immune system, weakening of bone mass – what foods should you choose from the age of 60 onwards to preserve your health?

Fried foods

Avoid fried foods beyond the age of 60 as much as possible. Rich in fats and salts, they are bad for your heart and body. They encourage weight gain, which can weaken your joints and impair the proper functioning of certain organs. Braised or flame-grilled foods, such as barbecues, are also to be avoided.

Red meat

Because of the high levels of saturated fats they contain, we strongly recommend limiting your consumption of red meat, as well as processed meats (such as charcuterie). As we age, these foods can constrict blood circulation, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Prefer lean meats, such as chicken or turkey, or vegetable proteins (legumes, tofu).


For people in their sixties, alcohol should be kept to a minimum, not least because of the amount of sugars it contains. With age, the liver tends to tire, and alcohol weakens its functions. Liqueur, wine, beer – regular or excessive consumption of these alcoholic beverages can lead to complications such as cirrhosis or certain cancers.


Even if it’s perfectly permissible to indulge in a few sweet treats after the age of 60, keep in mind that an excessively sweet diet is highly detrimental to the health of senior citizens. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease: sugar consumption exposes them to serious health problems. So be sure to limit your intake of cookies, pastries and other sugary drinks, which can also weaken your bones.


If sugar should be banned from your plate, salt is just as dangerous. Excessive salt consumption increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. This is all the more true for people over 60, as they are less able to regulate sodium levels.