Walking tour of Vilnius’ bohemian quarters

République d'Uzupis, quartier bohème de Vilnius

Discover Uzupis and other bohemian districts of Vilnius

We don’t know much about Lithuania, but we do know that the city of Vilnius harbors architectural treasures and sensational cultural sites. As the country’s capital and largest city, Vilnius also offers a wide variety of atmospheres, thanks to its highly heterogeneous neighborhoods. One district in particular that tourists and locals alike love to stroll through is the bohemian quarter.

Parisian charm

Užupis constitution, Vilnius

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When we think of bohemian life and Paris, we immediately think of Montmartre. Vilnius also has its own little Montmartre, and despite its 500,000 inhabitants, it’s still possible to stroll through the cobbled streets of Vilnius in one of these typical neighborhoods.

If you’d like to experience an almost medieval atmosphere, come and discover the heart of one of Vilnius’ most famous districts, the « Republic of Uzupis ». This district, which is managed and administered by an artistic community in Vilnius, is very independent and has its own laws, which are enshrined in a constitution quite separate from the rest of the city. This bohemian district features colorful houses, galleries lining the streets, murals showing the liveliness and dynamism of street art, and fantastic street shows.

A laid-back neighborhood

République d'Uzupis, quartier bohème de Vilnius

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The bohemian district of the republic of Uzupis has its own easily recognizable style: cool and creative at the same time. With its ornate streets, murals and life-giving sculptures, Uzupis has been an independent republic since April 1, 2000. Just read the very humorous declaration in English (like « Man has the right to die, but it’s not a duty ») and don’t forget that you can have your passport stamped by fake park rangers.

This spirit shows just how much the district wants to convey an independent, happy, festive and creative spirit. Your visit to Uzupis ends with a return to the old town, where you can enjoy a good beer and local specialties in a small Lithuanian brewery.

To know more

The price for discovering the Uzupis district from your hotel in the heart of Vilnius includes a guided tour (in English) of all the bohemian quarters along this famous inclined street, as well as a tasting of beers and specialties such as smoked fish, and accompaniment by a licensed professional guide. The tour lasts around 3 hours, starting at around 4:00 p.m., so you can make the most of the district’s urban life. The maximum group size is 12 people. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes, even walking shoes, as stomping and walking on these cobblestones can quickly become tedious and tiring.

For those who want to dig a little deeper, the Uzupis district, which has become one of the major attractions of Vilnius and indeed of the whole of Lithuania, has a cooperation agreement with the Montmartre district in Paris… perhaps that explains it, doesn’t it?

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