Visit the Red Light Secrets Museum in Amsterdam: tickets, prices, opening hours

Visiter le musée red light secrets à Amsterdam

During your stay in Amsterdam, take the opportunity to visit the Red Light Secrets museum and discover all the hidden facets of the world’s oldest craft.

The Red Light Secrets Museum in Amsterdam introduces you to the controversial world of prostitution. It’s the world’s first museum dedicated to sex workers. Within its walls, visitors are invited to discover the history of prostitution, and learn more about a profession in its own right. The good and the bad of a long-defended and contested practice.

So, if you’re staying in Amsterdam, follow the guide to immerse yourself in this museum with a special character!

History of Red Light Secrets

Histoire du Red Light Secrets à Amsterdam

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In February 2014, the Red Light Secrets Museum opened its doors. A small revolution that lifts the veil on the taboo of its prostitution and promises to tell its story.

Prostitution has existed in Amsterdam since the 15th century. At that time, sailors passing through the city paid women for sex. Generally speaking, these were sailors’ wives who, while waiting for their husbands at sea, sold their bodies to support the household. It’s worth noting that, at the time, the port of Amsterdam was close to the red light district. This is where sailors and prostitutes used to meet.

In the early 19th century, Napoleon decided to legalize prostitution in Amsterdam. Prior to this, it was not legal, but rather tolerated. History has it that Bonaparte lost a battle indirectly because of prostitutes. Most of his soldiers had syphilis. By legalizing the profession, the aim was to control the hygiene of sex workers to avoid such incidents. They had to go twice a week for a medical check-up. If they were found to be carrying a disease, they could not work and received free treatment.

During the 20th century, prostitution underwent a number of restrictions. It was no longer possible for prostitutes to solicit customers directly on the street. They had to do so from their own homes, by tapping on their windows. Initially behind curtains, these gradually disappeared to make way for the famous windows of the red light district.

Today, the red light district boasts over 400 shop windows where prostitutes are displayed. The aim of this district is to protect sex workers from the dangers of prostitution, such as violence and abuse.

What to see and do at the Red Light Secrets Museum?

Que voir et faire au Musée Red Light Secrets à Amsterdam ?

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To visit the Red Light Secrets Museum is to truly immerse yourself in the lives of sex workers. It’s not a sex or erotica museum, like so many others. Cultural first and foremost, this establishment is dedicated to helping visitors understand the lives of prostitutes and their most intimate secrets.

Behind the glass

During a visit to the Red Light Secrets Museum, imagine yourself on the other side of the window with passers-by ogling and shopping.

In addition to the rooms, it’s also possible to visit the offices where the owners work, to get an overall view of this world apart.

Note that the Red Light Secrets Museum is the only place in the red light district where you can take photos. So now’s the time to make the most of it!

The story of Inga and the prostitutes

If you come to Amsterdam to visit the Red Light Secrets Museum, many mysteries will be unraveled about the lives of sex workers. On your tour, you’ll learn who prostitutes are and why they choose this profession. You’ll also find out what they earn and who the customers are who pay them. In short, you’ll find out everything that goes on behind the scenes.

A visit to the Museum of Prostitution also tells the story of Inga. A figure in her own right, she is none other than Amsterdam’s most famous prostitute. For the past 15 years, she’s been known as the white wolf of the red light district!

The wall of confessions

When you visit the Red Light Secrets Museum in Amsterdam, you can write your most intimate stories on the confession wall. Only the most daring venture there… So if you feel like revealing your secrets, now’s the time! You can also read the stories of the many visitors to Amsterdam.

At the Red Light Secrets Museum, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has secrets! It’s time to reveal them.

How to get to the Red Light Secrets Museum

Red Light Secrets is located in Amsterdam’s red light district at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60H.

There are several ways to get to the prostitution museum:

  • Metro: Line 54 takes you to the Red Light Secrets Museum.
  • Bus: Several bus routes stop close to the red light district: buses 48, 65, 107, 170, 172, 310, 320, 361.
  • Train: The Sprinter train also takes you close to the Red Light Secrets Museum.

And don’t forget that you’re in the Netherlands, the land of bicycles. So do as the Dutch do and get on a bike to get you there by visiting Amsterdam.

Red Light Secrets opening times and prices

Horaires et tarifs du Red Light Secrets à Amsterdam

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  • The Red Light Secrets Museum is open daily from 10am to midnight.
  • Please note: discounted tickets are only valid until 1pm.
  • On December 25 and 31, the museum closes at 5pm. Last admissions are 30 minutes before closing time.

Admission to the Red Light Secrets Museum is €10.


– In view of the controversial nature of the Museum of Prostitution, it is forbidden to minors. You must be at least 18 to visit.

– Red Light Secrets is not wheelchair accessible. It is located in a house on the canal, which leaves little room for the necessary facilities.

– The entrance ticket is an open ticket. This means you can visit at any date and time. The ticket is no longer valid once you have entered the museum or one year after the date of purchase.

– Allow around 45 minutes to visit the Red Light Secrets Museum.