Visit the Palazzo di Caserta from Naples: tickets, prices, opening hours

Are you planning to visit Italy and its beautiful city of Naples? Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the Palazzo di Caserta from Naples!

Founded in the 5th century B.C., the city of Naples today boasts numerous monuments, the legacy of a fascinating past and witness to a fascinating history. Just 30 km north of Naples, one of the most prestigious testimonies to the city’s magnificence is the Palazzo di Caserta, which some call « Italy’s Versailles »!

The former residence of the Bourdon royal family of Naples, the Palazzo di Caserta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can’t pass through Naples without visiting the Palazzo di Caserta! Find out all the practical information you need to know about visiting the Palazzo di Caserta from Naples.

History of the Palazzo di Caserta

The « Reggia di Caserta » (in Italian), or Royal Palace of Caserta, was the residence of the Bourbon royal family of Naples. Construction of the palace, the largest royal residence in the world in terms of volume, began in 1752 and was completed in 1780.

The project was launched under Charles de Bourbon, King of the Two Sicilies, and entrusted to the architect Luigi Vanvitelli, with the aim of rivaling the Château de Versailles and the Royal Palace in Madrid.

The monument includes not only a sumptuous palace covering an area of 61,000 m², but also a large park and water garden, woods and hunting pavilions. It is one of Italy’s most sumptuous and most visited monuments, with one of the largest gardens in Campania. The Palazzo di Caserta and its immense park have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The palace has also served as a film location. Indeed, scenes from Star Wars, Mission Impossible and Waterloo were filmed in some of the castle’s rooms!

What to see and do in Caserta Palace

Palais De Caserte

If you visit the Palazzo di Caserta, you’ll have as much to see inside the palace as outside! It was built over an area of 5 hectares, with impressive dimensions. It has 1,200 rooms, 34 staircases and 240 windows!

The things you’ll see when you visit the palace are the following:

  • Le Palais:

– The remarkable pavements of the Sala di Astrea (Astrea Hall), the Sala di Marte (Mars Hall) and the Sala del Trono (Throne Hall),

The atrium, grand staircase and chapel are truly impressive.

– The staircase linking the lower and upper vestibules, leading to the royal apartments

– The Palatine Chapel, closely modelled on the Palace of Versailles

– The court theater in the shape of a rounded horseshoe

– The many fabulous paintings in the Pinacothèque

– The « Old Apartment », where the Bourbon crib is on display

– The Palatine Library, annexed to the Queen’s apartments

– The rooms dedicated to the four seasons are equally enchanting.

  • The park:

The park is filled with sumptuous fountains and waterfalls. It is the perfect example of the « Italian garden », with vast lawns, square parterres and, above all, exceptional fountains and water features. Vanvitelli built a kilometer-long aqueduct to supply water to the basins. Strolling along the central axis, you’ll be overwhelmed by the pools, fountains and large sculptures that line it.

  • Fountains not to be missed :

– Fountain of the Three Dolphins

– Fountain of Eole

– Fountain of Ceres

– Fountain of Venus and Adonis

– Fountain of Diana and Actaeon

The park stretches to the top of the hill behind the palace, and then gives way to a marvellous English garden, much less symmetrical, where nature seems to have reclaimed its rights, giving it tremendous charm.

How do I get to Caserta Palace?

  • By car: If you rent a car to visit Caserta Palace, take the A30 freeway, which will take you to Caserta Palace in around 40 minutes. There’s a communal parking lot at Palce Carlo III, and plenty of free parking in the streets around the station, close to the palace.
  • By train:

    The train is a quick and easy way to get to Caserta Palace from Naples. Simply go to the Napoli Centrale station and take the Napoli-Caserta line, which costs around €6. The palace is about 400m from the station, on the other side of the large Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi.
  • By bus:

    There are also shuttle buses between Naples and the palace. Allow around €15 for a return trip for an adult.
  • Excursions :

    If you’d like to visit the Palazzo di Caserta from Rome, there are a number of excursions available. We offer a train journey from Rome and a guided tour of the Caserta Palace to discover all its secrets.

Caserta Palace opening hours and rates


The palace opens from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day except Tuesday, when it closes. Please note that the park closes earlier depending on the season: 3pm in winter, 5pm in spring and autumn, 7pm in summer. The English garden closes about 1 hour before the park.


  • The palace, park and English garden

Full price: €12

Reduced rate: €6

  • Palais only during park closure

Full price: €9

Reduced rate : 4,50€

Please note:

– The reduced rate applies to people aged 18 to 25.

– Admission is free for children under 18.

– Please note that on the first Sunday of each month, admission to the historic apartments is free, and admission to the park is only €5.


To visit the Palazzo di Caserta, you’ll need to prepare your visit in advance, not least by acquainting yourself with the most important information about this historic site. We’ve selected some of the most important points and given you a few tips:


– To visit the Palazzo di Caserta from Naples, we recommend that you devote a full day to the Palace and its gardens!

– To enhance your visit even further, multilingual audio guides are available for €5, as are guided tours (1h30), starting at €120.00.

Drinking water fountains are available all along the park route.

– There are two catering outlets on site.

– A free luggage storage service is available

Getting around the park

– Bike hire (€4/hour – electric bike €6 – tandem €7)

– Horse-drawn carriage tours (50€ / 40 minutes)

– Shuttle bus: €2.50 round trip

Now you know all about how to visit the Palazzo di Caserta from Naples!