Visit the Medici Chapels with a skip-the-line ticket

San Lorenzo, Florence

Explore the Medici family tombs in Florence by visiting the famous Medici Chapels, featuring works by Michelangelo!

For all lovers of Florence and Florentine art, there’s one name that’s forever associated with it: that of the Medici family. And it was a painter, not just any painter, but the great Michelangelo, who decided to showcase all this richness by creating and designing the Medici Chapels.


Chapelles Medicis Florence

Wikimedia – Sailko

The Medici Chapels are the final resting place of the entire Medici family. Built in the 17th century, they include Michelangelo’s 16th-century Sacrista Nuovo, which combines dynamic architecture with imposing sculptures. You can recognize this place by the extraordinary purity of its white marble statues, but also by the geometric decorations of the grey stones that highlight the walls.

An exceptional visit

You can now follow in the footsteps of Italy’s most famous family and of the entire Renaissance, and contemplate the incredible architecture and beautiful statues. Each monument recounts a part of the history of this powerful family. If you choose the guided tour option, you’ll be able to admire world-famous works such as « Dawn », « Twilight » and « Day and Night » in the very heart of the New Sacristy. Magnificent sculptures await you, each of which can be read as a philosophical and artistic interpretation of human existence. Your guided tour ticket entitles you to discover the sublime Chapelle du Prince and the Office de la Pierre Dure. Finally, for lovers of alcoves, the catacombs can be discovered, giving you the opportunity to admire the place where the Medici family is buried, the Cripta del Buontalenti.

A fascinating place

San Lorenzo, Florence

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The Medici Chapels are a reflection of the Medici family: majestic, mysterious, rich and complex. The family’s remains were recently exhumed to discover more about their way of life and the real causes of their death, which remains shrouded in mystery to this day.

Thanks to our guided tour ticket, you’ll be able to discover what is surely one of the finest masterpieces of Florentine architecture and the magnificent, titanic work of Michelangelo himself, without having to wait for hours in line. Discover this richly ornamented octagonal chapel now and soak up its unique atmosphere: with tombs symbolizing dusk and dawn, this place immediately incites meditation and reflection.

Practical aspects

To make the most of your visit to the Medici Chapels, you can choose your language of commentary: English, French, Spanish, Italian or German. The price of the ticket includes priority access to the museum without having to wait for hours in line, access to priority exhibitions, entry to the New Sacristy, entry to the Princes’ Chapel, and a visit to the Cripta del Buontalenti.

Please note that the ticket is valid on the second and fourth Mondays of the month, and that the tour departs from Piazza Stazione. Out of respect for the site, we advise you to cover your shoulders and legs. And don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes for this walk, which lasts an average of 1h15.

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