Visit the ancient pre-Columbian city of Caral from Lima

Caral cité précolombienne, pyramides, Lima

Visit the ancient city of Caral in Peru: from Lima, discover the history of this place with a specialized guide!

Peru has always been fascinated by its pre-Columbian civilizations, and theancient city of Caral is no exception. Today, it can be discovered from Lima.


Caral cité précolombienne, pyramides, Lima

Wikimedia – Percy Meza

Caral is located in the Supe Valley, some 160 km north of Lima. With an extension of 65 hectares, Caral boasts a formidable series of incredible buildings, including the Amphitheatre Pyramid, the Elite Residential Area and the Major Pyramid. Caral is surely one ofthe oldest cities in America. It was built by the Caral civilization, still known today as Caral Supe or Norte Chico. According to recent archaeological studies, its construction dates back to between 2000 and 2600 BC. Caral was therefore contemporary with the great pyramids of Egypt. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2009.

What to see in Caral

Accompanied by a Spanish- or English-speaking guide, you take an archaeological tour with a round trip from your hotel.

As Caral was discovered not so long ago (in 1905, and real excavations didn’t start again until 1990), access is still chaotic, but there are also bus lines offering to take you there. You enter the city along a small path nestled among arid mountains and sand dunes. The Caral site covers more than 65 hectares and includes some twenty pyramids surrounded by several dwellings.

Caral cité précolombienne, pyramides, Lima

Wikimedia – Håkan Svensson Xauxa

In the past, Caral was home to between 5 and 10,000 inhabitants, and since power was theocratic, there are no walls or ramparts around the town.

There’s the amphitheatre, built for religious ceremonies and musical performances (you’ll discover that pelican and condor bones were used as panpipes!). The pyramids remain sublime and impressive because they were built in a cascade: each time a sovereign died, his successor had a wall built over the old pyramid without destroying the previous one.

For those who have chosen an all-in-one package, it is possible to have a pick-up at your hotel, whether you live in Miraflores or Isidro (Lima). If your hotel is not located in these areas, you can always find an alternative meeting point. Theexcursion to Caral includes the tour itself, lunch, the services of an interpreter-guide and transportation from your hotel.

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