Visit Lisbon on tramway n°28

Tramway 28 Lisbonne

Take a ride on Lisbon’s famous yellow tramway for a local-style tour of Portugal’s capital!

Taking the streetcar in Lisbon is as authentic as it is useful, as the hills of the Portuguese capital are steep, and the (electric) streetcars that run along the streets went into service in August 1901. You can take 5 different lines (12, 15, 18, 25, 28), but it’s the last one, N°28, which is the most famous. Born in 1914, it serves the hills and the center of Lisbon.

Tramway 28 Lisbonne

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Streetcar no. 28E takes you to St. George’s Castle, the Alfama district, Lisbon Cathedral, São Vicente church and other parts of the city, such as Bairro Alto.

Tramway 28 Lisbonne

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A ticket for tramway 28 costs €2.85 and allows you to visit and cross Lisbon in a pleasant way. Beware, however, that the streetcar is always crowded in summer.

Tramway 28 Lisbonne

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Here’s a map of streetcar 28 in Lisbon to show you the line’s stops. The journey from Martin Moniz to Campo Ourique takes 40 minutes. The return journey takes 37 minutes.

Plan de la ligne 28 du tramway de Lisbonne

Screenshots from the official Carris website (Lisbon Public Transport)

Streetcar 28 passes through the narrow streets of central Lisbon, and sometimes you have to stick to the wall…

Tramway 28 Lisbonne

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The yellow wagon also runs at night… Here we are in the driver’s cab

Tramway 28 Lisbonne nuit

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Tourists and locals alike take this legendary line to get to one of the districts served or a site of interest in the White City.

Tramway 28 Lisbonne

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Lisbon’s streetcar depot is located in the Alcântara district.

Dépôt Tramway 28 Lisbonne

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Where to sleep in Lisbon?

Lisbon is a city where walking can be quite tedious because of the difference in altitude. Make sure you choose a hotel that’s fairly central, and keep your eyes peeled for streetcar stops, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the whole city! To compare all the hotels in the city, you can use the Booking hotel comparator.

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Have you taken streetcar number 28 in Lisbon? What was your experience like?