Visit Château de Cheverny: tickets, prices, opening hours

Just a few kilometers south of Blois, we invite you to visit Château de Cheverny, one of the most beautiful châteaux of the Loire Valley!

Located in the heart of the Loir-et-Cher region, Château de Cheverny is one of the Loire Valley’s must-see castles. Known for having inspired Hergé to create the Château de Moulinsart in his famous Tintin comic strip, it is above all an example of period architecture and decoration reflecting the French art of living. Between the château, the gardens, the kennels and the Tintin exhibition, you won’t need more than a day to visit this magnificent estate.

History of Château de Cheverny

Château de Cheverny et jardins

Photo credit: Shutterstock / leoks

Domaine de Cheverny has belonged to the same family since the 14th century. In the midst of troubled times, Jean Hurault, a bourgeois from Blois, bought the land. Following in his footsteps, subsequent generations built the first fortress. The Hurault family served several kings of France. After financial difficulties, the property was sold to Diane de Poitiers, favorite of King Henri II.

Henri Hurault bought the property a few decades later. He had the present château built between 1624 and 1630 by the architect Jacques Bougier, known as Boyer de Blois. The main material used was Bourré stone, a native of the Loir-et-Cher region. The stone whitens and hardens with age, giving the château its light color. The decoration was completed around 1650, and is still considered one of the most beautiful of all Loire châteaux. In 1922, the château was the first to be opened to the public. Today, the Marquis Charles-Antoine de Vibraye and his wife Constance are responsible for preserving the château and bringing it to life.

What to see and do at Château de Cheverny

salle de naissance intérieur du Château de Cheverny

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Inside the Château

A visit to Château de Cheverny is an opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful châteaux in the Loire Valley. On-site activities are varied and numerous. On the second floor of the château, you’ll discover furnishings representative of the French art of living. You’ll pass from the birth room to the red boudoir, via the bride and groom’s bedroom and the petit salon. The arms room boasts an impressive collection that will delight young and old alike. Take the opportunity to discover the magnificent 17th-century Gobelins tapestry. A Boulle-style chest of drawers from the Louis XIV period and a four-poster bed decorated with Persian embroidery that welcomed Henri IV during his stay at the château are other examples of remarkable pieces of furniture.

Château de Cheverny and Tintin

When you visit the Château de Cheverny, don’t miss the permanent exhibition on Tintin, « The Secrets of Moulinsart ». Over 700 square meters of exhibition space take you into the world of the little reporter. This collection was created in 2001. It has been set up in the attics and features trompe-l’oeil drawings. Why Tintin? Because Cheverny inspired Hergé to imagine the Château de Moulinsart, home of the no less famous Captain Haddock.

Visit the gardens of Château de Cheverny

The many gardens make for a delightful stroll. Think Jardin des Apprentis, Jardin de l’Amour or Jardin Bouquetier. Each has its own identity. The choice is yours: stroll through the park on foot or take a guided tour in electric cars and boats.

How to get to Château de Cheverny

You can visit Château de Cheverny in the Loir-et-Cher region, just two hours from Paris. It is accessible by train and car.

Visit the Château de Cheverny by train

Blois-Chambord station stop

From Paris, the journey departs from Gare d’Austerlitz. Once you’ve arrived at Blois station, a shuttle service will take you to the region’s châteaux. You can visit Chambord, Chenonceau, Cheverny, Villesavin and Beauregard. The fare is 3 euros for each trip on the shuttle. A cab service offers a one-way trip for 25 euros.

Vendôme-TGV station stop

From Paris, the journey takes 42 minutes from Montparnasse station. The TGV station is 30 km from Blois. You’ll need to take a cab to reach Blois or Château de Cheverny directly.

Visiting Château de Cheverny by car

From Paris or Tours

A10 freeway, exit 17 towards Blois, then D956 and D765 towards Romorantin-Lanthenay as far as Cheverny.

From Bourges

Freeway A71 then A85, exit 14 to Romorantin-Lanthenay then D765 to Cheverny

Château de Cheverny opening hours and prices


Visit Château de Cheverny 365 days a year, including public holidays.

The ticket office is open :

9.15am to 6.15pm from April 1 to September 30.

From 10am to 5pm from January 1st to March 31st and from October 1st to December 31st.

The château closes 30 minutes after the close of ticket sales.

For autumn 2019, the timetable has changed:

First 3 weekends in October, from October 27 to November 2 and November 9 and 10: open from 9:15 am to 6:30 pm.

October 21 to 26: 9.30am to 5.30pm.


Visit the Château and gardens
  • Adults: €12
  • Reduced rate (large families, children aged 7 to 14, students under 25, unemployed): €9
  • Children under 7: free
  • Disabled: free of charge
Visit the Château and gardens + Moulinsart’s secrets
  • Adults: €16.50
  • Reduced rate (large families, children aged 7 to 14, students under 25, unemployed): €13
  • Children under 7: free
  • Disabled: free of charge
Visit to the Château and gardens + Boat and electric car rides
  • Adult: €17
  • Reduced rate (large families, children aged 7 to 14, students under 25, unemployed): €13.50
  • Children under 7: €4
  • Disabled: free of charge

Visit the Château and its gardens + The secrets of Moulinsart + Boat and electric car rides

  • Reduced rate (large families, children aged 7 to 14, students under 25, unemployed): €13.50
  • Children under 7: €4
  • Disabled: free of charge

Guided tour: 9:30 am from April to September and 2:15 pm from October to March, €4.50 extra. Contact the château or visit their website to find out which days guided tours are available.

Reduced rates are also available for groups of 20 or more.

Where to stay around Cheverny?

There are plenty of hotels around Château de Cheverny. Our partner offers you a selection of the best hotels in the area.

Good to know

  • The Château is heated in winter.
  • The monument offers free parking.
  • Dog soup » takes place every day at 11:30 am, except on Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from September 15 to March 31. Château de Cheverny takes in around a hundred dogs, and their meal is a highlight of your visit.

To help you plan your visit, please note the following approximate visit times:

  • Castle tour: 1h30 to 1H45
  • Château at walking pace: 30 minutes
  • Castle + exhibition: 2h15 to 2h30
  • Castle + boats and electric cars: 2h30 to 2h45
  • Castle + exhibition + boats and electric cars: 3h to 4h

Do I need a guide to visit Cheverny?

Visits are free for individuals; a leaflet will be given to you at the entrance. For groups of 20 or more, reservations are required.

Are pets allowed in Cheverny?

Pets are not allowed in the park and château.

Is it possible to visit the Château de Cheverny with a stroller?

Strollers are kept at the château entrance during the tour, but can circulate in the exhibition and gardens.

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility?

An exterior staircase restricts access to the château’s interior for the disabled. An elevator provides access to the Moulinsart Secrets exhibition.

I am a teacher and would like to organize a visit to the Château de Cheverny

School groups and day-care centers are welcome at the château, and an educational pack is available to download to help prepare your visit. Preferential rates are available.

Are there preferential rates for Loir-et-Cher residents?

For residents of the Loir-et-Cher region, a « Privilège » card gives unlimited access to Château de Cheverny and the exhibition for €50 a year.

Can I pay for my visit to Cheverny by credit card or vacation voucher?

The box office accepts payment in cash, credit card, bank cheque, vacation cheque and Clarc cheque.

Is it possible to eat at Château de Cheverny?

For refreshments, the Café de l’Orangerie offers hot and cold dishes, as well as drinks. Gluten-free and vegan options are also on the menu. Picnic areas are available in the château grounds. A plaid-lending service and picnic basket-making facilities are available on the lawns of the château gardens.

I’d like to sleep in the Château de Cheverny. Is this possible?

If you’d like to stay on-site and experience true château life, suites have been set up in the outbuildings. They offer a luxurious view of the monument, and unlimited access to the estate and exhibitions for the duration of your stay.

How to organize an event in Cheverny?

For conferences and seminars, 4 areas are available for hire: the Orangerie, the Salle du Chevalier de Haddoque, the Trophies Room and the Château Dining Room.