Virtual tour of Reunion Island with Google Street View

Google Street View, La Réunion

A little jewel in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is known for its famous Piton, its impressive cliffs and its black and white sandy beaches. Take a virtual tour and discover all its secrets.

After the Eiffel Tower and Mont Blanc, Google Street View takes you to Reunion Island. Ideal for adventurers in search of discovery and nature lovers,Reunion Island, also known as « l’île intense », is a small paradise. With its geographical diversity, sublime landscapes and concentrated exoticism, this French island is a destination not to be missed.

With over 40% of its territory listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the island is brimming with places, each more magnificent than the last. While you’re waiting to go there, Google Street View offers you a virtual tour that’s sure to take your breath away.

Pas de la Bellecombe, Google Street View, La Réunion

Le Pas de la Bellecombe / Google Street View

The island just a few clicks away

To capture the island’s beauty, Google used Trekker, an 18 kg backpack containing a dozen cameras that take simultaneous shots to create a 360° view. In order to offer a complete panorama of the island, over 50 routes and 255 km covered in 425 hours of walking were photographed from every angle.

With the Piton de la Fournaise erupting, the Roche Ecrite, the Piton des Neiges, Cap Noir and numerous black-sand beaches, Google Street View users can see almost the entire island from the comfort of their own homes.

Hermitage beach

Filmed by Google, Plage de l’Ermitage is a little corner of paradise not to be missed. Located between La Saline les Bains and Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, this wild beach is particularly popular with the local population. With its white sand, palm trees, lagoon and clear water, the scenery is picture-postcard.

The Port of Saint-Gilles

Another not-to-be-missed spot on Réunion Island is the port of Saint-Gilles, which is packed with stores and restaurants. Also, diving and boat cruises are available to admire the seabed, dolphins and whales.

For the more curious in search of authenticity, Réunion unveils its enigmatic charm with villages lost in the heart of narrow ridges and lunar landscapes inherited from its breathtaking volcanic lands.