Valence’s regional gastronomy

Gastronomie Valence

Culinary specialities in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is currently witnessing a culinary revolution, with the emergence of « gourmet tapas » and the Gin Tonic phenomenon. New trendy bars and gourmet restaurants are opening in the city to the delight of gourmets, with a total of 5 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Add to this the more traditional elements of Valencian gastronomy, such as paella orhorchata, the local souchet-based drink: Valencia is a real hit with food lovers.

For those wishing to embark on a culinary journey and go in search of new trendy places, here are some recommendations to follow to understand the culture of Valencian restaurants:

Tapas Valencia, Valence

Gastronomic tapas in Valencia – Wikimedia – wikival

– Many restaurants are adding a personal touch to their tapas, creating the trend for gourmet tapas. No longer a simple tortilla or pan con tomate, these are more elaborate bites: dried tuna with almonds, cod fritters with sweet honey oil, or smoked anchovy and goat’s cheese.

– Many restaurants also offer « pintxos ». This typical northern Spanish dish consists of meat or fish with vegetables skewered onto a piece of bread. The principle of the dinner is simple: at the end of the meal, the customer pays according to the number of toothpicks left on his plate.

Gastronomie Valence

Valencian tapas – Flickr – m i r r o r b a ll f i a s c o

– A visit to the Marché Central, Europe’s largest fresh produce market, is also a must! Both the architecture and the variety of fresh produce are fascinating to contemplate. Nearly 900 stands make up this temple to Valencian gastronomy.

– Twice a year, a major event attracts lovers of Valencian cuisine: Cuina Oberta. In June and November, food lovers are invited to dine at the city’s finest tables. Some 60 restaurants offer special menus at €20 for lunch and €30 for dinner (add €15 for a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant). An excellent opportunity to dine in Valencia’s finest restaurants.

Pintxos Valence

Pintxos – Flickr – John Herschell

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