Vacations in France: what to see and do around your home?

Explore la France

Vacations in France: thousands of hidden treasures to explore!

A wind of freedom is blowing gently across France. After a few weeks of vicarious travel, the country seems to be waking up again, ready to get on with life. Slowly but surely, it’s now possible to leave the house, almost as before. Almost.

So, what about summer? What’s a vacation 100 kilometers from home going to be like? With the summer season just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the country from the comfort of your own region or département. Forget Greece, Spain or Italy, the tone is set: this summer, I’m exploring France!

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The story of two tourism entrepreneurs

Sylvain et Eric : Explore la France

Explore la France’s mantra is to draw inspiration from France’s heritage when traveling. Explore la France is a movement for solidarity and support, born of an initiative created by French Travel Tech startups. A story of chance, which often works out well…

It’s springtime in France. While the country is under lock and key, two entrepreneurs find themselves confined under the same roof. Eric (CEO of travel media and Sylvain (COO of sports accommodation platform give birth to Explore la France. In less than 10 days, the idea became a project, until it was finally put on the web. to discover places of interest in France

Générateur d'idées voyage Explore la France

While the movement has taken its first steps on social networks behind a hashtag and a Facebook page, it is now accompanied by an accessible tool: the travel ideas generator . With a single click, Explore la France invites you to discover unusual destinations all over France, from big names to unusual treasures. The principle is simple: click for inspiration, discover for travel!

Today, some 15 startups support the movement, while the travel ideas generator boasts over 1,400 points of interest to discover in France. The Facebook page, for its part, is the portrait of a real community: with over 4,800 fans at present, Explore la France marks the start of a great adventure with national resonance.

A collaborative tool for everyone

Visiter la France : outil pour voyager en France

Above all, Explore la France’s travel ideas generator calls on tourist offices to showcase their territory. In fact, as a stakeholder, tourist institutions have the opportunity to suggest other places to discover! Directly accessible from the platform via the « Add a missing tourist spot » page, this contribution is particularly valuable for site users, who can also suggest missing places or add to the database of places of interest.

What about the 100-kilometre radius?

Since May 11, Explore la France has set up a geolocation filter to meet deconfinement requirements. The aim? To give you ideas of territories and places to discover, while respecting the 100-kilometer perimeter around the home without restriction (as the crow flies, according to the measure imposed by the Government). Now it’s up to you to discover the wonders of your department and region!

Carte déconfinement moins de 100 kilomètres

Are you wondering whether it’s possible to move from one territory to another according to its color? It is possible to move from a red department to a green one, but we advise you to regularly consult the deconfinement map, which allows you to adapt your deconfinement to local realities in real time.