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 » Finding the ideal hotel at the best price  » is one of the main preoccupations of both amateur and seasoned travelers. After all, accommodation is an essential part of any trip! First of all, it’s one of the biggest expenses. What’s more, the quality of your accommodation will have a major impact on the memories you leave behind after your vacation. Today’s web offer is vast, with dozens of booking sites. How do you find your way around and make your choice without spending hours comparing everything?

Whether you’re looking to travel in France or abroad, for a weekend or a longer stay, online comparisons save you time and money. In a single place, you’ll find the different prices offered for a wide range of hotels. Reviews from other travelers enrich the descriptions of the places and tell you about their experiences. Find, compare and book: it’s all just a few clicks away.

Among these platforms, Trivago has experienced dazzling growth in the space of a decade. Right or wrong? Read Generation Voyage’s review and find out all you need to know about Trivago’s online hotel comparison service.

What is Trivago?

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In 2005, three German friends came up with the idea of comparing hotel prices on a single website. The following year, Malte Siewert, Peter Vinnemeier and Rolf Schrömgens founded Trivago in Düsseldorf. The company’s name comes from the contraction of the words trip, vacation and go. In 2007, building on their initial success, they extended their platform to other European countries. France, the U.K. and Spain were quickly won over! Two years later, Trivago set out to conquer the international market: the United States, Brazil, China, Japan… In 2013, the start-up was acquired in large part by Expedia. Expedia invested four hundred and seventy-seven million euros in 60% of the shares. Today, the company boasts some fifty platforms in over thirty different languages. One hundred and twenty million people use it every month to find a hotel at the best price.

The principle is simple: Trivago centralizes prices from several hundred booking sites. This makes it easy for users to find the best offer in a given city. By clicking on it, they are redirected to the corresponding booking site. In fact, it’s not possible to book directly from the online comparator site. This is due to the way it works economically: for each click, the company receives a sum of money from the partner concerned. To help you make your choice, the site features photos and online reviews published by web users on various booking sites. In addition to this service, Trivago offers guides on different cities to help you prepare for your stay. Fast and easy to use, this comparator does everything it can to help you find the accommodation you need for your stay.

How does it work?

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For hoteliers

Do you manage an establishment offering accommodation? Your presence on Trivago depends on your collaboration with one or more online reservation sites. If they are one of your business partners, your hotel will appear on the online comparator. The more sites you work with, the greater your chances of being found on the search engine. To enhance your listing, you can create a free Hotel Manager account. This will enable you to update your information and track your performance using statistical tools. For further development, Trivago offers paid marketing options. These will help you improve your visibility in relation to your competitors.

For users

Looking for accommodation for your next trip? Enter your destination in the search bar on the home page, along with your arrival and departure dates. You can also enter other criteria, such as your budget. Trivago then suggests a list of hotels that match your search. You can narrow your field of investigation based on their location or the reviews left by other users. Have you made your choice? Click on the selected hotel to be redirected to the corresponding site to finalize your booking.

Trivago: Advantages and disadvantages for hoteliers

Advantages for hoteliers of using Trivago

  • Increased visibility
  • Possibility of writing an attractive description of the establishment, with photos
  • Expand your customer base

Disadvantages for hoteliers of using Trivago

  • Multiply your business partners to increase your chances of being found
  • Strong competition
  • Risk of receiving a bad rating from a user

Trivago: Advantages and disadvantages for users

Trivago customer benefits

  • Wide choice to suit all budgets
  • A great bargain
  • Time-saving

Disadvantages for Trivago customers

  • Reservations to be made on another site
  • Some of our partner sites are unreliable
  • Fewer offers during peak season

Trivago : the editor’s opinion

Trivago is an online hotel comparator with a simple, effective principle. It’s particularly easy to use. You can quickly find a complete list of hotels. The choice is vast, which is particularly appreciable. In fact, the suggestions cover every possible type of accommodation, from youth hostels to luxury hotels. There’s no doubt that the site is one of the market’s leading comparators, and its functionalities appeal to users and hoteliers alike. Despite the competition, it remains a popular site for millions of Internet users every month. With millions of reviews and photos, as well as an ever-expanding offer, Trivago is definitely a precious ally for preparing your future trip.