Travelling with an electronic cigarette: countries where it’s forbidden

Voyager avec sa cigarette électronique

Travelling soon? If you’re a vapoteur, you should know that many countries prohibit or restrict the use of electronic cigarettes on their territory.

Since its appearance on the market in 2010, the electronic cigarette has met with great success in France and many other countries. It has quickly established itself as a much cheaper alternative for smokers.

In 2017, it was estimated that 700,000 people in France quit smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes!

However, regulations concerning the use of vapoteuse vary depending on the country you’re traveling to. That’s why it’s important to find out what’s involved when traveling with your electronic cigarette. We tell you all about it here!

What is an electronic cigarette?

Voyager avec sa cigarette électronique

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Electronic cigarettes are vapor-producing devices. This clearly distinguishes it from tobacco, which produces smoke. Also known as a vapoteuse or e-cigarette, it uses an electrical system to inhale an e-liquid, often flavored.

Indeed, one of the advantages of e-cigarettes lies in the choice of vapor flavor. And with the rise of e-cigarettes, users can now choose from hundreds of flavors!

The vapor you inhale can be reminiscent of classic tobacco, raspberry, chocolate or even… CBD! Yes, you read that right, thanks to the electronic cigarette, you can now travel with CBD.

Be careful, though: it’s vital to find out about the legislation of the country you’re visiting when traveling with your electronic cigarette.

Countries where use is strictly prohibited

Les pays où l'utilisation est strictement interdite

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As you will see, there are still many countries that prohibit the use of vapoteuse on their territory. To help you travel in peace with your electronic cigarette, we’ve classified all these countries by geographical zone.

In Africa

Voyager avec sa cigarette électronique en Afrique

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  • Gambia: the Gambian government has chosen to classify vaporizers as « electronic nicotine delivery systems ». Consequently, it is strictly forbidden to use or travel with an electronic cigarette in Gambia.
  • Mauritius: the sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in Mauritius. So you’re not allowed to use a vaporizer in any public place on the island!
  • Seychelles: a tobacco control law bans the import and sale of e-cigarettes on the island.
  • Uganda: the sale, import or manufacture of electronic cigarettes (with or without nicotine) is strictly prohibited in Uganda.

In Central and North America

Amérique centrale et du Nord

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  • United States: vaping is banned in public places in some states. Other states prohibit the marketing of flavored e-liquids. Make sure you know what the law is before you leave!
  • Mexico: A law prohibits the sale, marketing and manufacture of products that imitate tobacco. This law applies to electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. Similarly, you are not allowed to smoke in public places.
  • Nicaragua: anti-tobacco law bans the sale, import and manufacture of objects imitating tobacco.
  • Panama: the Panamanian authorities have decided to classify electronic cigarettes as « tobacco products ». The sale, import and use of these products (with or without nicotine) are therefore prohibited throughout the country.

In South America

Voyager avec sa cigarette électronique en Amérique du Sud

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  • Argentina: a decree classifies electronic cigarettes as « tobacco products ». It is therefore forbidden to sell, distribute or import these products into Argentina. If you don’t follow these rules, your electronic cigarette will be automatically confiscated at the airport.
  • Brazil: in Brazil, you must follow the same rules as in Argentina.
  • Colombia: the Colombian anti-smoking law classifies vaporizers as imitation tobacco products. The sale and marketing of these products are therefore prohibited.
  • Uruguay: a decree bans the sale, promotion and import of electronic cigarettes. So you can’t vape in any public place in the country!

In Asia

Voyager avec sa cigarette électronique en Asie

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  • Brunei Darussalam: the electronic cigarette is classified as an imitation tobacco product in this country. It is therefore strictly forbidden to sell or import a vaporizer in Brunei Darussalam!
  • Cambodia: a circular bans the sale, import and use of electronic cigarettes on Cambodian territory.
  • India: India has decided to ban the use of electronic cigarettes to improve public health. The import, production and sale of vaporizers are therefore banned throughout the country.
  • Japan: Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are classed as medicines, so you need a doctor’s prescription to vape these products in Japan. This means you can only vapourize if your e-liquids are nicotine-free, and you’ll need to go to « smoking areas » set up all over the streets.
  • Nepal: it is strictly forbidden to use electronic cigarettes in public places and on public transport.
  • Philippines: a decree totally bans the use of electronic cigarettes in public places.
  • Singapore: e-cigarettes are classified under anti-smoking legislation as imitation tobacco products. It is therefore strictly forbidden to sell, import, distribute or use e-cigarettes in Singapore.
  • Thailand: it’s best not to travel with your electronic cigarette in Thailand. In fact, electronic cigarettes are prohibited under several regulatory mechanisms. You should also be aware that smoking and vaping are prohibited in public spaces, and that smoking areas must be respected!
  • Timor-Leste: a decree bans the sale and import of e-cigarettes into the country. Vaping is also banned in certain public places.
  • Vietnam: smoking/vaping is strictly prohibited in public areas and on public transport, except in designated smoking areas.

In Europe


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  • Denmark: one of the toughest European countries when it comes to e-cigarettes! In fact, they are regulated as medicines. E-liquids containing nicotine are prohibited, as are all liquids with flavors other than tobacco and menthol. It is therefore inadvisable to travel with your electronic cigarette in Denmark!
  • Norway: the Norwegian authorities ban the sale and import of e-cigarettes into the country. Vaporizers containing nicotine are classified as medicines. So you need a medical prescription to travel with your e-cigarette in Norway. Similarly, vaping is prohibited in all public places in the country.
  • Czech Republic: Vaping is prohibited in all public places in the country. In addition, you can’t take e-liquids with a nicotine content of 20 mg/mL or more with you. Other restrictions also apply to the volume of electronic cigarette refills (no more than 10 ml refills).
  • Turkey: the sale and import of electronic cigarettes is strictly forbidden in Turkey. Vaping is also prohibited throughout the country, in both public and private places. It is therefore strongly inadvisable to travel with your electronic cigarette in Turkey!

In the Middle East

Moyen Orient

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  • Kuwait: the country bans the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes following a decision by the Gulf States’ health ministers.
  • Lebanon: if you’re planning to travel to Lebanon with your electronic cigarette, you should be aware that a law prohibits the trade and import of all types of electronic cigarettes. It is also forbidden to smoke in public places.
  • Oman: the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes is strictly forbidden in the country. It is therefore formally inadvisable to use your electronic cigarette in Oman, as the penalties can be severe!
  • Qatar: the sale of equipment and e-liquid is prohibited in Qatar. Similarly, anyone entering the country is not allowed to bring an electronic cigarette. If you do bring one, it will automatically be confiscated.

In Oceania


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  • Australia: in kangaroo country, the sale and marketing of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine is prohibited. A doctor’s prescription is required to import these e-liquids into Australia. Only nicotine-free electronic cigarettes are currently authorized!

Good to know

If you don’t comply with the above rules, you’re liable to penalties. These can range from a fine, to confiscation of your electronic cigarette, to imprisonment in some countries. You’ve been warned!

You now have everything you need to travel freely with your electronic cigarette. If you want to travel with CBD-containing refills, we advise you to read up on the many effects of CBD e-liquids.

We also encourage you to find out about the legislation of the country you are visiting, to avoid any problems during your vacation!