Transfer from Marco-Polo airport to Venice

Transfert aéroport Marco-Polo de Venise

How do I get to Venice from Marco-Polo airport? Discover our tips for organizing your transfer to and from Venice airport (VCE).

To visit Venice, you’ll probably have taken a direct flight to the city of the Doges. Your flight will land at Venice-Marco-Polo airport (orTreviso airport). But how do you get from the airport to downtown Venice? There are several ways to get from Marco-Polo airport to Venice. The best, often the fastest and the cheapest, is by bus. But the most authentic way is to reach the center by water cab.

The main international airport serving Venice is Marco-Polo Airport (VCE). It is located on the mainland, about 13 km from Venice. There are many options for getting to Venice, either by land or by boat, and the price can vary considerably depending on the mode of transport you choose. By planning ahead, you can avoid a frustrating start to your stay without spending too much on this transfer.

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1. Transfer from airport to Venice by Taxi Boat

Admittedly, it’s not the cheapest way to get to Venice if you arrive at Marco Polo. But the Water Taxi is the best way to get to the City of the Doges!

A classic water cab (also known as a motoscafo) will take you anywhere in Venice for €32 per person (or around €100-150 per boat, depending on the number of passengers and luggage). If you’re a group of 4 or 6, it might be worth sharing the trip. If you’re one or two people, you’ll share your water cab with other travelers. As with any land cab in Italy, you should always negotiate a price before boarding the boat to avoid any surprises.

It’s best to book your water cab in advance, which will be waiting for you on arrival at Venice’s Marco-Polo airport. The online fare is

. If you’re on your own, the price is the same, as you share the ride.

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Taxi-bateau à Venise

You can inquire about a water cab at the cab counter in the airport arrivals hall, and the cab will pick you up at the same dock as the water buses. The two biggest advantages of a water cab are that they will take you to the nearest possible location to your hotel, and will make the journey very quickly (in around 15-20 minutes).

2. Transfer from airport to Venice by bus

There are two bus options for getting to Venice from the airport: ATVO buses, which are run by a private company and offer

shuttle buses at €10

and ACTV, the public transport buses.

Bus aéroport Marco Polo Venise

ACTV bus

ACTV buses run between Venice-Marco Polo airport and Piazzale Roma and cost 8 euros one way and 15 euros for a return ticket (new fares since 2017). Buses run every fifteen minutes, making them very convenient. The bus line from the airport to Piazzale Roma is N°5 (lines N°15 and N°45 also run, see all timetables) and the journey takes around 25 minutes.

Please note that ACTV buses have no luggage compartments, which means you’ll have to take your luggage with you on the bus. Tickets can be purchased from automatic machines located both at the airport and on Piazzale Roma.

ATVO buses

ATVO express buses leave Venice-Marco Polo airport every thirty minutes and offer non-stop express service to Piazzale Roma. Tickets cost €8 one way and €15 round trip and can be purchased on arrival at the airport from the automatic ticket office in the baggage area or from the ATVO ticket office in the arrivals hall. There are also ticket machines located outside the terminal in the ATVO departure area where you will take the bus.

For added peace of mind, you can buy your ticket online in advance,

. ATVO buses have luggage compartments, which is handy if you arrive with large bags.

3. Transfer from airport to Venice by waterbus

Alilaguna, bateau aéroport de Venise

Alilaguna is the name of the public company that operates the water buses between Marco Polo airport and Venice. This may seem a useful alternative to the bus, but bear in mind that the journey takes around 1h15. But if you have time before checking in at your hotel, it can be a pleasant option. A one-way ticket will cost you 15 euros, and a round-trip ticket 27 euros (if you book online, the fares are 14€ and 25€).

Alilaguna’s water buses are easy to spot as they are yellow on the underside. There are three lines to Venice from the airport. The Red, Blue and Orange lines each make different stops, so ask before you buy your ticket. The Red line stops only at the islands of Murano and Lido, so you’ll most likely take the Blue or Orange line, which make several stops in Venice.

If your hotel is close to one of the stops, you’ll save a little time, as the terminus is Piazzale Roma. Tickets can be purchased in the arrivals hall at Venice airport, and the boats are about a ten-minute walk from the airport (see map at bottom of article). Water buses leave every hour, and are an affordable way to start your stay in Venice.

4. Transfer from airport to Venice by train

You can take a train to Venice, but this is not a recommended option for visitors arriving at Venice-Marco Polo airport, as you must first take a bus from Venice airport to Venice-Mestre railway station. From there, you can take the train across the lagoon, but getting on and off a bus and then on and off a train is not very convenient.

But if you decide to take this option, the bus from Marco Polo to Venice-Mestre station costs just €3. From there, you’ll need to add a further €1 for the short train journey to Venice-Santa-Lucia station.

5. Airport transfer to Venice by cab

A normal cab can take you from the airport to Piazzale Roma in around 25-30 min and will cost around 35-40 euros. If you’re tired from your journey, be aware that you’ll have to negotiate to get a good price. With a ground cab, you won’t have to make multiple stops, which is its only advantage.

Book your Venice airport cab with TaxiTender. It’s an online booking platform for reliable and affordable airport transfers. Your driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals area, with a sign bearing your name. He will then drive you to the exact location you wish to reach. Cancellation is free of charge. If you’ve booked an early morning flight to Venice airport, or if you’d simply prefer to take a cab to the airport, this platform is ideal for that purpose.

Conclusion + ACTV Pass (local transport)

Most of the time, you’ll arrive at Piazzale Roma. Depending on where your hotel is located, you’ll either have to walk or take the vaporetto (operated by ACTV), which are large water buses that ply the Grand Canal. A 60-minute ticket for the vaporetto costs 7 euros, but if you’re staying in Venice for several days, a card offers unlimited use of the vaporetti. This is the ACTV Pass: for 1 day (€20), 2 days (€30), 3 days (€40) or 7 days (€60).

All the transport solutions listed here also apply to the return trip, i.e. Venice > Marco-Polo Airport.

Finally, here is a map of Venice Marco Polo airport to help you locate the various places to go depending on the airport transfer you have chosen to go to Venice:

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