Top 7 travel accessories for filming with a smartphone

Make all your photos and videos a success thanks to our kit of essential accessories for filming with a smartphone!

Photography is more important than ever in modern society. So much so, in fact, that with every new version of their flagship smartphone, brands are going out of their way to offer a better photo sensor, « crushing the competition ». Without wishing to put you in the middle of the war of words between Apple and its rivals, we offer you our ranking of the 7 must-have travel accessories if you intend to make your smartphone your main camera, regardless of brand.

An image stabilizer

Osmo Mobile DJI

What’s the point of shooting footage if every image you capture will make viewers think you’ve got the shakes? Like the great directors, opt for an image stabilizer. While it’s true that most of today’s top-of-the-range smartphones feature image stabilization on the sensor, this shows its limitations when it comes to shooting more than just static subjects.

We opted for the best portable image stabilizer available today, DJI’s Osmo Mobile, which is compatible with the majority of handsets on the market today. In addition to eliminating camera shake, this device not only smoothes the image, but also makes it easier to create cinematic shots, including Timelapse and ActiveTrack.

A mini lens for smartphones

Mini-objectif Aukey

It’s true, every year Apple and Samsung remind us that their smartphones have the best photo sensors around. That’s not entirely untrue, but even they can’t turn a mobile terminal into a professional camera.

To alleviate this problem, a number of accessory manufacturers offer mini lenses, so that wide-angle filming can be achieved with little effort. These include Aukey, which has become an almost indispensable accessory on the market today.

A selfie pole

Perche à selfie bluetooth Aukey

Intended more for photo than video use, the selfie pole also has a place in our ranking, if you’re planning to take frontal shots. And guess what? It’s once again the Aukey brand that offers the most practical pole and the best value for money.

A waterproof cover

Housse étanche EasyLife

Like the greatest filmmakers, you absolutely must have an aquatic scene in your film. If, like many users, you don’t have a waterproof smartphone like the iPhone 7 or LG G5, there’s another more practical and less expensive solution that will make it easier for you to shoot in water or rain without risking damage to your smartphone. It’s a waterproof cover.

We chose a fairly basic cover, which does the bare minimum. Note that if, like some people, you were thinking of using a transparent plastic bag, this will prove difficult, given the opacity of these plastic bags. So opt for a watertight cover that fits the dimensions of your terminal.

An external battery

Batterie Magigo de 15.000 mAh

It’s pretty annoying to start a shoot and find yourself running out of drums after a few takes, when it’s even at this key moment that François, one of your friends/actors, has figured out how to make the most beautiful face.

To avoid this type of problem, invest in an external battery. Or, depending on your means, opt for one with the biggest possible capacity. Our choice in this department is the Magigo external battery. There are two reasons for this: it offers a decent energy capacity of 15,000 mAh, and it’s solar rechargeable. So when you’re out and about, you’ll never be short of power for your smartphones.

A mini tripod

Trépied Joby GripTight Gorilla

In addition to the optical stabilizer, there’s another accessory you can use to add stability to your shots: the tripod. What’s more, it lets you become the actor in your own film. Simply launch the capture, screw the smartphone onto the tripod and join the scene.

Among other features, the one we’ve chosen can be attached to surfaces vertically. Ideal for shooting from a tree, for example.

A cart on wheels

Chariot à roulettes Dolly

Last but not least, a useful accessory for filming like a pro with your smartphone is the wheeled cart.

Indeed, if your film will include scenes filmed on the road, or if you simply intend to make movements with your smartphone camera, nothing beats this dolly. It sits on a flat surface and allows straight, curved and linear movements.

There you have it: the perfect kit for filming like a pro with your smartphone. Now it’s up to you to let your creativity flow, and don’t hesitate to share your best creations on our various social network accounts or in the comments below!