Top 20 countries for alcohol consumption

Alcool alcoolémie boisson alcoolisée

Where in the world is the most alcohol consumed?

The latest report (2014) from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows alcohol consumption on the rise, with Eastern European countries leading the way. Worldwide, the average person over the age of 15 consumes more than 6 liters of pure alcohol a year, equivalent to 20 bottles of vodka.

The top-ranked country in this ranking is none other than Belarus, with 17.5 liters of pure alcohol per capita per year, or almost a bottle of vodka a week. This nation of some 9.5 million inhabitants is widely regarded by Western countries as Europe’s last dictatorship, having been ruled by the autocrat Alexander Lukashenko for the past 20 years. It is also the only European country with the death penalty. Belarusian society resembles a Soviet state, as in the past, rather than a free nation. It’s enough to make you want to drink…

Here are the top 20 in this ranking:

1. Belarus: 17.5 liters of pure alcohol per year

2. Moldavia: 16.8 liters

3. Lithuania: 15.4 liters

4. Russia: 15.1 liters

5. Romania: 14.4 liters

6. Ukraine: 13.9 liters

7. Andorra: 13.8 liters

8. Hungary: 13.3 liters

9 (ex-aequo) Czech Republic: 13 liters

9 (ex-aequo) Slovakia: 13 liters

11. Portugal: 12.9 liters

12. Serbia: 12.6 liters

13. (ex-aequo) Grenada (Caribbean): 12.5 liters

13. (ex-aequo) Poland: 12.5 liters

15. (ex-aequo) Finland: 12.3 liters

15. (ex-aequo) Latvia: 12.3 liters

15. (ex-aequo) South Korea: 12.3 liters

18. (ex-aequo) Croatia: 12.2 liters

18. (ex-aequo) France: 12.2 liters

18. (ex-aequo) Australia: 12.2 liters

The countries of Central and Eastern Europe consume the most alcohol per capita. However, five years ago, France consumed 1.2 liters more. Road safety and campaigns against the dangers of alcohol are responsible for this drop in consumption in Western societies.

Americans, Germans, Irish, Britons and Spaniards are now less attracted to alcohol than before, as are Italians, who consumed 6.7 liters in 2010, compared with 10.5 liters in 2005.


Unsurprisingly, the countries that consume the least alcohol are those where the Muslim faith is predominant: Pakistan, Libya, Kuwait and Mauritania take the cake for sobriety, with 0.1 liters per capita.

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