Top 12 animal prognosticators

Take inspiration from animal instinct and the predictions of these oracle animals for your sports betting: they have predicted the results of World Cup and Euro matches more or less accurately.

This article was updated on the occasion of the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia.

The star of the World Cup in South Africa may not have been the Spanish team. In 2010, Paul the Octopus had gained worldwide fame after correctly predicting 8 out of 8 matches. Having passed away in October 2010, the question of his succession was not long in coming, as from Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, other animals from all over the world found themselves with powers worthy of those of an oracle!

Paul the octopus (World Cup 2010)

Paul le Poulpe, pronostics football

During Euro 2012 and the 2010 World Cup, Paul the Octopus predicted 14 matches, of which only 2 were wrong. This makes him the most famous prognosticator among « oracle » animals. He single-handedly rocked the bookies’ socks off during the 2010 World Cup final won by Spain.

Achilles the Cat (World Cup 2018)

Achille le Chat, coupe du monde 2018 en Russie

According to Achilles, Russia will beat Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the 2018 World Cup. The cat, who is deaf, decided so, choosing the Russian bowl over the one representing Saudi Arabia.

Nelly the German elephant (World Cup 2010, Euro 2012)

Nelly l'éléphant, pronostics football

Nelly entered the world of sports predictions in 2006, and correctly predicted the results of 30 of the 33 matches covering the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012. Most recently, the pachyderm caused a stir in Germany by picking the USA to win the World Cup against the Germans. We’ll know if his prediction is right after the match on June 26, 2014 at 6pm! He’s undoubtedly the worthy successor to Paul the Octopus.

Alf the English Penguin (World Cup 2014)

Alf le pingouin, pronostics football

A team of penguins had the « heavy » task of predicting the results of the 2014 World Cup matches. Among them was Alf, the « official punter », who lives at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, England.

Flopsy « Predictaroo » the Australian kangaroo (World Cup 2014)

Flopsy predictaroo pronostic football

Also known as « Predictaroo », Flopsy is a resident of an Australian zoo in Queensland. You can follow Flopsy’s predictions on Twitter at @Predictaroo. She (because she’s a female) has to choose food from two different bowls marked with the names of the competing teams. She’s a bit of a chauvinist, as she incorrectly predicted that Australia would win against Chile in the Socceroos’ first match (they lost 3-1).

Madame Shiva the Swiss guinea pig (World Cup 2014)

Madame Shiva, cochon d'Inde, pronostic football

Switzerland has chosen this black-coated, white-snouted animal to shed light on the « Nati » matches. Madame Shiva, the guinea pig, predicted that Switzerland would win against France… but she didn’t!

Big Head « Cabeçao » the Brazilian turtle (World Cup 2014)

Grosse Tête la tortue brésilienne, pronostics football

« Cabeçao » or « Big Head » in Portuguese is the chosen oracle of host country Brazil. As such, the turtle only predicts matches involving Brazil. While it predicted Brazil’s victory over Croatia, it was totally wrong about the next two matches, namely Mexico’s victory (it was a draw) and the draw between Brazil and Cameroon… (Brazil won 4-1).

Shaheen the dromedary from Dubai (World Cup 2014)

Shaheen le dromadaire, Dubaï, pronostics football

« Shaheen The Camel », a dromedary, has also predicted a few matches since the start of the World Cup. And he’s only been wrong 2 times out of 6 matches, one of which ended in a draw (he only has 2 choices: win or lose).

Fred the Ukrainian Ferret (Euro 2012)

Fred le furet, pronostics football

Fred, a Ukrainian ferret who has been selected to determine the winners of Euro 2012, makes his predictions by nibbling his way through a selection of dishes labeled with the country’s name. Very cute, Fred only has an accuracy of around 60%.

Yvonne the German cow (Euro 2012)

Yvonne la vache, pronostics football

Yvonne predicted Germany’s results at Euro 2012.

Chinese pandas (World Cup 2014)

Pandas chinois, pronostics football

To express their predictions, these pandas choose between baskets of food representing victory, defeat or a draw respectively. After correctly finding victory for Brazil in the opening match, the predictions were stopped because, according to the spokesman for the Ying Mei research center in China, there was a risk that the pandas would be oppressed by the cameras and excited spectators.

Funtik the Ukrainian pig (Euro 2012)

Funtik le cochon, pronostics football

The snout-wielding soothsayer, who lives in an enclosure in Kiev, Ukraine, made a name for himself when he correctly predicted four of the six group stage matches at the Euro 2012 soccer tournament. Funtik makes his choices by selecting his food from the various bowls placed next to the flags of the opposing countries.

Who do you trust the most? Do you know any others?