Top 10 things to do in Tampere


What to do in Tampere Find out all our best addresses and follow the guide for a successful stay in Finland!

Located in south-west Finland, Tampere has a population of 230,000 and is known as the country’s third-largest city, but above all as Finland’s gateway for tourists from all over the world.

Restaurants, museums, original architecture… Tampere is dynamic and appeals to all generations.

The people of Tampere live up to their reputation: jovial, warm and enthusiastic in all circumstances. And Tampere also boasts fabulous scenery… Part of Finland’s Lake District, the city is home to breathtaking landscapes and surroundings. So get ready to be amazed!

Would you like to discover all of Finland’s secrets? Enjoy its culture, nature and ambience all at the same time? Then Tampere is the place for you. Just two hours fromHelsinki, it’s one of the must-see stops on your Finnish tour.

To help you plan your stay, discover the 10 must-do things to do in Tampere.

1. Finlayson

It only takes a few seconds to realize just how industrial Tampere really is. Visit the Finlayson district in the city center, where former industrial factories have been transformed into restaurants, bars, stores and museums.

Here, design and style are paramount. On the museum side, don’t miss the must-see Lenin Museum and Spy Museum, before continuing your visit by strolling through the various exhibitions in the area, where the 70s are often in the spotlight.

If you’re a lover of design and vintage second-hand goods, Tampere is the place to be. And with good reason, it’s home to numerous thrift shops, vintage stores and design boutiques (especially in the small streets of the city center). In fact, if you’re looking for real design nuggets, Finlayson is the place to be. Tampere is the queen of design shopping, thrift shops and small artisanal and vintage boutiques.

2. Labour Museum


Photo credit: Wikimedia – Tiia Monto

What can you do in Tampere if you want to find out more about the city’s people and history? Head for the Labour Museum, also known as the « Werstas Museum of the Working Class ». Period machinery, re-enactments of working-class scenes, temporary exhibitions… This museum is a must in Tampere for those who want to know more about the city’s history. It’s free to visit!

3. Pyynikki observation tower

This is our favorite part of traveling: enjoying a panoramic view of the whole city.

In Tampere, we love the Pyynikki Tower. Perched 26 metres high on the Pyynikki hill, it promises a 360° view: if the sky is clear, you’ll even be able to see Lake Näsi and Lake Pyhä, which surround Tampere. As well as offering incredible panoramic views, the tower is home to superb architecture clad in red granite.

If you’re still in the area, don’t hesitate to try some delicious doughnuts at Café de la Tour: Pyynikin näkötornin kahvila!

4. The Pispala district

Located 3 kilometers from the city center, the Pispala district is Tampere’s most colorful. It’s home to hundreds of small wooden houses, built by workers in the 20th century. Go there on foot and lose yourself in the narrow streets. You’ll also find some lovely craft stores.

5. The famous Moumines

What to do in Tampere when traveling with children? Visit the Moomin Museum. Moumines are characters created by painter and writer Tove Jansson. She made them her trademark until the end of the 20th century, and they ensured the success of her books and animated films featuring this family of little hippopotamus-like trolls. Today, they are a fixture in Tampere’s libraries, nurseries and schools.

6. A public sauna

Pancarte sauna

Photo credit: Flickr – yooperann

Tampere is Finland’s national public sauna city. If you book a room in a hotel, you’ll see that there’s always a sauna, sometimes located outside. I recommend you try the one in Rauhaniemi. It’s Tampere’s most famous sauna. It’s right on the beach. Very original!

You can also enjoy the Rajaportin sauna, Finland’s oldest sauna still in use!

7. Tammer rapids from the Hämeenkatu bridge


Photo credit: Flickr – Kevin Oliver

Tampere is surrounded by lakes. In winter and summer alike, the view is breathtaking. For a view of the Tammer rapids, head for the Hämeenkatu bridge that crosses the city center. Photography enthusiasts will be in for a treat! The bridge is lined with typical buildings featuring both modern and authentic architecture.

8. Moro Sky Bar

If you’d like to discover another view of Tampere after the one from the Pyynikki Tower, I recommend a drink at the Moro Sky Bar. At sunset, the colors of the sky promise a superb show – golden hour guaranteed!

9. A dog sled ride

It’s the highlight of any stay in Finland: a dog sled ride. A visit to Tampere will give you the opportunity to enjoy one. Prices start at around 35 euros for a 15-minute ride through the forest. Move away from the city center and head east to the lakeside farms. The scenery is breathtaking.

10. Also to be seen in Tampere

  • Särkänniemi amusement park
  • Näsinneula theme park and observation tower
  • Tampere Cathedral
  • Koskipuisto Park
  • Aulanko nature reserve, about 80 kilometers from Tampere
  • The Vapriikki Museum

How do I get to Tampere?

Located around 2 hours from the Finnish capital Helsinki, Tampere is easy to reach by bus or train from the central station. If you want to do a complete tour of Finland, you’ll need to rent a car. It’s the easiest way to get around, so you won’t waste any time.

To get to Tampere, all you have to do is fly. From several French cities, you can get to Tampere with a stopover in Riga, Stockholm or even Helsinki. The journey time is short and plane tickets are quite affordable, and you’ll find the cheapest flights on the website of our partner Ulysse.

Where to stay in Tampere

When it comes to accommodation, Tampere has plenty of affordable options. Whether you prefer youth hostels, hotels or Airbnb, there’s something for everyone. You’ll be able to find a hotel at the best price on this hotel comparator, or find a more authentic pied-à-terre on the Airbnb rental site.

As far as location is concerned, if you’re looking for the best area to stay in Tampere, opt for the city center if you want to be at the foot of all the city’s tourist attractions. This stretches from Näsi Park to the Koskikeskus shopping center. You can also sleep in the Tammela district. This is where you can go shopping or see a play. Bars and restaurants are also plentiful.

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