Top 10 things to do in Les 2 Alpes

2 Alpes

Planning a vacation in the Alps? Don’t miss out on these 10 must-sees for your next vacation in Les 2 Alpes!

The resort of Les 2 Alpes is unique in that it is one of the highest in France. But above all, Les 2 Alpes is Europe’s largest glacier ski area, at an altitude of over 3,600 metres. Yes, that’s right! And what’s more, you can even ski here in summer! Located not far from Grenoble, Les Deux Alpes is the perfect resort for thrill-seekers, who can enjoy a multitude of sliding activities in a unique setting. Whatever your level, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Not only popular in France, people from all over Europe come here to ski and enjoy mountain tourism! Here’s a selection ofoutdoor activities in and around the resort to make the most of your stay. Don’t wait any longer to discover our selection of the 10 must-do things to do in Les 2 Alpes!

1. Let yourself be tempted by board sports

Ski station 2 Alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: December to March
  • ❄️ Resort opening dates: December 3 to April 30
  • 💙 We love: perfect snow quality

Les 2 Alpes is a winter sports paradise! Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, you’ve come to the right place. And with good reason: the slopes are among the longest in Europe! What’s more, as one of Europe’s highest ski areas, it’s blessed with plenty of sunshine and top-quality snow: the perfect combo for a great day out.

The ski slopes of Les 2 Alpes are obviously very well known, but we also recommend that you try out the snowpark. It’s one of the best in France, and if you go in summer, you’ll be able to keep practicing! Divided into 5 zones, each with its own level, and the reviews are unanimous, you can enjoy a unique experience.

💎 Editorial advice 💎

To avoid queues in sports stores, remember to book your skis or snowboard in advance. Generation Voyage offers you 5% off the total cost of your ski rental.

2. Explore an ice cave

grotte de glace station les 2 alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: December to April
  • Duration : between 30 minutes and 1 hour
  • 💙 We love: the blend of nature and art

Among the must-do activities in Les 2 Alpes, there’s one that’s particularly unique and enjoyable: exploring an ice cave. Children and adults alike will be amazed.

At an altitude of no less than 3,400 metres, you can discover sumptuous sculptures under 30 metres of ice… Created by mountain guides, the grotto is of course very secure, allowing you to see a frosty spectacle that you won’t find anywhere else. Accessible to all from the top of the funicular, take a quiet moment during your stay to recharge your batteries and, above all, marvel at the museum-like atmosphere!

3. Go snowshoeing

Randonnée raquettes station les deux alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: December to February
  • Duration: reserve a day
  • 💙 We love: meeting wild animals

One of the must-do winter activities in Les 2 Alpes is snowshoeing! Ideal for a change from snow sports while enjoying a unique proximity to nature, this easily accessible activity makes you see the mountains in a different light. There are itineraries to suit all levels, and low-cost rental equipment is readily available. Very practical!

Our favorite route to Les 2 Alpes is the Grandes Buffes. Beware, this route is rather difficult! It’s a round trip of around 8 kilometers, where you’ll discover snow-covered landscapes as close to nature as possible. You won’t come across many people, and you’ll certainly catch a glimpse of wild animals.

4. Hike the Mont-de-Lans glacier

Mont de Lans, aux 2 Alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: June to August
  • Duration: one day
  • 💙 We love: the mix of sumptuous lakes and panoramic views

Being in Les Deux Alpes, you’re obviously in the right place to enjoy the glaciers. Located in the Écrins National Park, the hike we’ve selected will give you a whole new way to enjoy the ski area. So put on your best pair, and let’s go!

For this outing, you’ll be heading for the Mont-de-Lans Glacier! This itinerary is around 10 kilometers long, and takes in sublime panoramas and mountain lakes. Ideal to visit in summer, the trails are not very well known, so you won’t normally come across many people. One thing’s for sure: panoramic views and magnificent wildlife!

5. Observe the Milky Way

Stage photo privé voie lactée et ciel étoilé station les  2 alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: June to August
  • Duration: one evening
  • 💙 We like: professional advice

A vacation at altitude is also an opportunity to enjoy an activity that is unfortunately often overlooked: stargazing. During your stay, from your hotel or rental property, open your eyes wide and admire the clear night sky, brightened by the natural light of the moon and stars… An open-air museum!

For even greater enjoyment, you can opt for an introductory course that will teach you how to take night photos. In Les Deux Alpes, these courses are designed forobserving the Milky Way, but if you have other preferences, you can take a look at the courses in the surrounding area! You’ll be able to collect some of your best memories in magnificent photos, which are sure to leave your head full of stars.

6. Ski in summer!

Ski d'été station les 2 Alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: June to August
  • ❄️ Summer opening dates: June to August
  • 💙 We like: professional advice

As we explained earlier, the Deux Alpes ski area is unique in that it is built on a glacier. Even in summer, natural snow is guaranteed at Les 2 Alpes! Enough to extend the winter if you miss it, or to make up for the season if you missed out this year…

Accessible to beginners and experts alike, summer skiing runs from 8am to 12:30pm, and is sure to make your summer different from the ones you’re used to! What’s more, going to Les 2 Alpes in summer is also an opportunity to meet the best skiers and snowboarders. We’re sure it’s an impressive sight!

7. Test the cani rando

Cani Rando station les 2 Alpes France

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  • 🗓️ Best period: December to February
  • Duration : half a day
  • 💙 We love: discovering winter in a different way

What is cani rando? Simply put, it’s a walk in the company of a dog. But not just any dog, and not just any dog! In fact, it’s harnessed to a sled dog that you can enjoy an unforgettable hike: whether you’re heading for a lake or a forest, these cuddly dogs will be delighted to accompany you!

The accompanying sled dog will take the load off your shoulders (especially on the steepest sections). It’s also an ideal activity for children, who will get a taste for hiking while getting used to the presence of the dogs. Perfect for families! Of course, the dogs are adorable, and the hardest part will undoubtedly be parting with them when you’ve finished your walk!

8. Go paragliding

Parapente Alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: all year round!
  • Duration : half a day
  • 💙 We like: discovering the mountains in a different way

During your vacation in the mountains, why not discover the surrounding area in a different way? A must-do activity in the vicinity of Les 2 Alpes is


. On a first flight in Isère, you can take to the skies in summer or winter, and discover sumptuous landscapes from the air, all in complete safety! You’ll be able to see the massif with new eyes, in complete tranquillity, in an atmosphere as peaceful as it is breathtaking.

When you book your first paragliding flight in Allevard, about 1h30 from the resort of Les Deux Alpes, you’ll be able to discover the lakes and Alpine peaks from a completely different point of view than the one you’re used to. So what are you waiting for?

9. Cool off with a rafting trip

canoë rafting Alpes 2 Alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: July and August
  • Duration : half a day
  • 💙 We love: mixing thrills and refreshment

Between two summer ski runs, you can discover another must-do outdoor activity around Les Deux Alpes: The

! Ideal for getting your thrills while cooling off, rafting is clearly the perfect activity to occupy your vacation for half a day.

Alone or accompanied by a companion, you’ll float down the Durance, a river in the Ecrins National Park, in an inflatable canoe. What’s special about this activity is that it’s not a large inflatable boat like « classic » rafting, but a canoe! It’s even more accessible to beginners, thanks to its greater stability and self-bailing system. It’s all about thrills and incredible views of the Parc des Ecrins, right in the heart of nature!

10. Climb the via ferrata

Via Ferrata Alpes

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  • 🗓️ Best period: July and August
  • Duration: one day
  • 💙 We love: thrills and spills

If you’re not afraid of heights, don’t hesitate to try out the via ferrata during your stay in Les 2 Alpes. You’ll discover a specially-designed course on a rock face, and you’ll be able to progress in complete safety thanks to the lifeline. So don’t worry, you can embark on this magnificent alpine exploration with complete confidence.

Near Les Deux Alpes, you can try your hand at

to discover this activity for the first time. Whether with family or friends, you’ll have an unforgettable time and come away with great memories!

You’ve just discovered our selection of the 10 must-do activities in Les Deux Alpes. Here are some other ideas for activities you can enjoy in the resort:

  • Discover Les Deux Alpes in a different way thanks to
    canoe rafting


  • Ski touring for even more thrills.
  • Let yourself slide at the outdoor skating rink.
  • Have a great time at theairbag park.
  • Enjoy the magic of winter on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.
  • Our tips for a successful stay in Les Deux Alpes

    How to get to Les Deux Alpes

    🚗Bycar: the resort is accessible by two routes, either from Grenoble or Briançon. From Grenoble, exit the freeway at Vizille n°8, then take the Rd1091 towards Briançon, passing through Le Bourg d’Oisans. Once you’ve reached the Chambon dam, turn right and take the D213 up to the resort. If you’re coming from Briançon, Italy or the south of France, take the RD1091 to Grenoble in Briançon. Once you’ve reached the Chambon dam, turn left and take the D213 up to the resort.

    For electric cars, the resort is equipped with charging stations in front of the town hall and the tourist office. Make sure you have the right equipment for snow (chains, socks or snow tires), as winter driving in the mountains can be dangerous! Find the best rental offers here.

    🚄Bytrain: the resort is easily accessible by train from Grenoble station. Once there, head to the bus station to catch a bus or carpool that will take you straight to Les Deux Alpes!

    ✈️En plane: to get to Les Deux Alpes by plane, the nearby airports are Grenoble, Lyon and Geneva. Once you’ve landed at one of these airports, you can reach the resort by bus or carpool. Find the best flights for your stay here!

    Where to stay?

    The easiest way to stay in Les Deux Alpes is directly on the resort, in the village of Mont de Lans, or at Venosc. To choose where to stay, you need to think about what’s best for your vacation.

    Sports enthusiasts may prefer convenient airbnb-type rentals, groups of friends may prefer high-altitude chalets, and families and couples looking for relaxation should opt for a hotel… The choice is yours!

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