Top 10 things to do in Kimolos

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Off to visit Kimolos in the Greek islands? Here are the 10 must-see places on this Cycladic island.

After visiting the most famous islands of the Cyclades, such as Santorini or Mykonos, don’t hesitate to look for a change of scenery and tranquility. Kimolos is one of the unexplored Greek Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea. In fact, it borders the island of Milos.

Holidaymakers love Kimolos for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and charming little coves. Despite the high level of tourism in the rest of the Cyclades, Kimolos is a local island with a rich local heritage.

Wondering what to do in Kimolos during your vacation? Here’s a small selection of the must-see sites on Kimolos island!

1. The town of Chorio

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Photo credit: Shutterstock / Desislava Lyungova

The town of Chorio is the only town on the island, and tourists spend much of their time here. It is located on the south-western side of Kimolos. Very quiet, Chorio is slightly smaller than the other towns on the Cyclades islands. Entirely traditional, it has retained its soul of yesteryear. It’s a pleasure to stroll through its narrow streets, before meeting up in its central squares.

Unlike other typical villages on these islands, Kimolos doesn’t have just one main square, but several. The houses of Chorio are very pretty and typical. They all have a typical lime roof. This singular feature reveals beautiful domed roofs. The doors of the houses are always painted a bright blue. The contrast of white and blue, typical of the Greek islands, makes for great photos. Don’t miss a visit to Kimolos without bringing back one of these shots.

2. Chorio’s churches

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Photo credit: Shutterstock / Desislava Lyungova

The village of Chorio may not seem large, but its secret is fascinating. There are no fewer than eighty small churches to discover! While this number is impressive, most of these religious sites are small family chapels. Most date back to the 16th century and are dedicated to a particular saint. The largest is the church of Panagia Odigitria. It is located right in the center of Chorio and boasts a fine collection of icons. Don’t miss a visit to this town built between 1867 and 1874. The local Ministry of Culture protects a dozen churches on the island of Kimolos.

There are free libraries in Chorio and on Prassa beach, as well as in all four corners of the island. They stock books in all languages. Books can be borrowed free of charge. You can return them whenever you like.

3. The archaeological museum

kimolos ruines

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The island of Kimolos has two museums. The Archaeological Museum is in the heart of the town center. Here you can learn about the history of Kimolos Island. The archaeological museum is located opposite the church of Panagio Odigitria. It reveals the fascinating history of Kimolos. Numerous photographs and explanations illustrate the objects on display. Some of the most beautiful statues date back to prehistoric times. On the tour level, a transparent glass floor provides a view of a reconstructed ancient burial site. The museum is arranged over two floors, with objects and relics relating to the history of Kimolos.

4. Folklore and Maritime Museum

kimolos musee maritime

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After the archaeological museum, head for the castle. A small house in the building houses a folklore and marine museum. This second museum exhibits cultural artefacts about heritage and life in Kimolos. It highlights the evolution of the way of life. It preserves the traditions of the local people. Objects such as weaving looms and tools are on display, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in everyday life. The museum also features handicrafts, porterie and local customs. Upstairs, you’ll find a display of naval instruments.

5. The castle

ruines d'un chateau dans les iles de la mer egee

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Andronos Haris

Yes, like many small Greek towns, Chorio has its own medieval castle. It’s called Kastro and is located in the foothills of the mountain. Now a ruin, it can still be visited. The inner area is the oldest. It dates back to the 15th century and features an inner courtyard, small houses and the Church of the Birth of Christ.

The Ministry protects this church. The outer part is in better condition. It dates back to the 17th century and reveals narrow streets and houses. In this maze, you’ll see that the castle was a place of defense. After a pirate attack and fire in 1638, other constructions reinforced the edifice. What’s even more astonishing: the castle’s inhabitants still live within its walls!

6. The ports of Psathi and Goupa

psathi port ile de kimolos cyclades

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Lefteris Papaulakis

What to visit in Kimolos After Chorio, the other emblematic site on Kimolos is Psathi. Ferries from Milos and Piraeus arrive here. That’s why the small beach is so busy. It’s a great place for swimming, strolling and shopping. A real seaside town atmosphere! Afterwards, you can eat in one of the tavernas. They’re open for lunch and dinner. They offer delicious dishes based on fresh daily fish.

Right next to the port of Psathi, and below it to be exact, is the fishing port of Goupa. Fishing is easy, as is diving. To discover the seabed, it’s worth visiting Rema and its sea caves.

7. The beaches

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Photo credit: Shutterstock / Andronos Haris

Still wondering what to do in Kimolos? Relaxation, of course. Kimolos has some very beautiful beaches. As well as the popular Psathi beach, you can go to Bonatsa. This golden-sand beach has a shallow end. It’s well equipped, with deckchairs and parasols available for hire. Right next door is Aliki. This is a pebble beach with shallow water. In spring, there’s plenty of birdlife to be seen. For swimming, Prassa is a very good choice. The beaches are well-maintained and you can observe coral, sea urchins and fish.

Other beaches include Monastiria and Soufi, which are well worth a visit. They are located on the other side of the island and are more difficult to access by car. The easiest way is on foot from Chorio. However, it takes over an hour to get there. You can also take a sailboat or water cab.

For an original way to swim, the sandy beach of Ellinika is an ancient sunken city. It lies to the west of the island of Kimolos. It is accessible by car. This undeveloped beach offers a glimpse of the ruins of the sunken city. Mavrospilia beach is just as secluded. Both beaches are secluded. They can be explored and admired away from tourists.

8. Shopping on the island of Kimolos

shopping boutique chorio kimolos

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Desislava Lyungova

It’s easy to go shopping in Kimolos and take home a nice souvenir of your Greek vacation. Kimolos offers a wide range of handcrafted and traditional products. The few souvenir stores are concentrated in Chorio or near the port of Psathi.

Chorio’s Arzantiera Boutique features unique creations by local artisans. Here, the sea is in the spotlight, with small toy boats. The island’s children love to play with these replicas of tall ships. These products have even become a trademark of the island of Kimolos. You can’t visit Kimolos without taking one home…

Another product to bring back from this Cycladic island is a small bag, called a dourvade. With their pretty patterns, these bags are ideal for storing objects and secrets. They’ve been handed down from generation to generation. A useful and easy gift to take home.

Also discover Kimolos specialities such as Manoura cheese. Harder to bring back, this dry cheese can be enjoyed on the spot. It is made from sheep’s milk. It is aged wrapped in grape must. After aging, its black layer is clearly recognizable.

9. Hiking in Kimolos and Skiadi

rocher de skiadi randonnee

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If you’re visiting Kimolos, take a trip to Skiadi. Skiadi is a rare geological formation in the north-east of the island of Kimolos. It looks like a large stone mushroom, the result of erosion. It is made up of rocks of varying degrees of friability. Skiadi is included in the Aegean Atlas of Geological Monuments. To discover the site, take a 30-minute hike from the parking lot off the main road. For a longer hike, you can start from the village of Chorio. In this case, you should allow ninety minutes. There are many other hiking trails on the island of Kimolos.

10. Sailing around the island

poliegos croisiere ferry

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A private excursion to Polyegos

For a breath of fresh air, you can take an original excursion from Kimolos to Polyegos, a nearby islet. Departure is around 9:30 a.m., with a return trip in the late afternoon. After a stop for a swim on a Kimolos beach, Polyegos comes into view.

It’s a geologically preserved island in the Aegean Sea. It is part of the famous Natura 2000 program. Enjoy the beach and stroll around. What’s more, the island is an abandoned settlement with a ruined church. Lunch is often included in the ticket price, so you can make the most of the day.

Boat rental

Prefer to go your own way, without a mass of tourists? You can rent a boat from a private owner and sail alone, as a couple or with friends. With or without a skipper, you too can discover Polyegos. Or are you looking for a different itinerary?

Don’t panic, there are plenty of beautiful islands all around. These include Sifnos, Milos and Andimilos. And if you’re not afraid of the miles, Antiparos and Folegandros are also within reach.

Find a boat to rent in Kimolos

How do I get to Kimolos?

From Athens

Kimolos can be reached from Athens by ferry. Boat services to Kimolos run daily. In summer, they are at least doubled. The journey takes between 5 and 7 hours on a conventional ferry. High-speed ferries take between 3.5 and 4.5 hours, depending on the number of ports of call.

Kimolos can also be reached by boat from other nearby Cycladic islands such as Santorini and Anafi.

From the island of Milos

If, in addition to visiting Kimolos, you’d like to stop off on the island of Milos, you can fly or take the ferry to this island. Then take the ferry from Pollonia to Kimolos.

To plan your trip to Athens or Milos from France, you’ll find cheap flights on the website of our partner Ulysse. There are quite a few offers for Athens from France.

Where to stay in Kimolos?

With its local charm, Kimolos is full of great places to stay. To find a good-value hotel, do a search on this hotel comparator. There aren’t many offers, but it’s a safe bet that you’ll find a hotel that suits your needs.

To get a taste of the picturesque setting, opt for typical accommodation by booking on Airbnb ! Choose accommodation in a Cycladic house with a sea view. A must: accommodation with a roof terrace to extend the warm summer evenings…

All that’s missing now is a visit to Kimolos!

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