Top 10 destinations for digital nomads

Many of you dream of working while traveling. Make it a reality and discover the best destinations for digital nomads.

Travel, work and freedom. This is the motto of thousands of digital nomads scattered across the globe. Much more than just a trend, digital nomadism is a real way of life. Backpacker, entrepreneur, freelancer or employee, the profiles of digital nomads are varied. But their choice criteria are very often the same: local hospitality, climate and weather, leisure activities, coworking spaces, Internet quality, cost of living and security.

Thinking of trying your hand at adventure and becoming a digital nomad? Follow our guide and choose from the 10 destinations we’ve selected for you!

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Vue panoramique de Chiang Mai de nuit

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / I love photo

Average cost of living*: around €1,060 per month

Internet quality: very good (average 22 mbps**)

Security level: excellent

*according to the NomadList reference site
**mbps: megabits per second

In northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a great place to live. A friendly atmosphere, modern coworking spaces and a healthy lifestyle are the order of the day. Generally speaking, the city has an excellent reputation among travelers.

The digital nomad community is also well developed. Events and meetings are regularly organized to bring them together and put them in touch. What’s more, Chiang Mai boasts numerous cultural sites such as temples, museums and a picturesque old town.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Belle vue panoramique depuis le bastion des Pêcheurs au Parlement Hongrois, Budapest, Hongrie

Photo credit: Shutterstock / karnavalfoto

Average cost of living: around €1,396 per month

Internet quality: excellent (average 44 mbps)

Security level: very good

Split in two by the Danube, Budapest exudes youth and dynamism. Popular with tourists, it’s also a popular choice for digital nomads traveling around Europe. Depending on what you want to do and how fast you work, you can choose between two different city atmospheres.

On one side, the Royal Palace and chic old mansions perched on the hills. On the other, modern, eclectic monuments and a lively nightlife. In Budapest, you’ll find peace and quiet at every corner.

Coworking spaces are particularly pleasant, rents are very low and the digital nomad community is extremely welcoming.

3. Taipei, Taiwan

Vue sur la ville de Taipei

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / KabirK

Average cost of living: around €1,723 per month

Internet quality: very good (average 20 mbps)

Security level: excellent

A haven for new technologies, Taipei is perfect for digital nomads in search of excitement and modernity. The city’s many assets are sure to win you over. It’s very safe, and you’ll find free Internet access almost everywhere.

It’s also one of Asia’s most expatriate-friendly cities. It has excellent transport links, and you can easily get out of the center to explore the surrounding areas (sea, mountains, countryside).

Note: if you work in digital and IT (information technology), this is one of the best places in the world for digital nomadism.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Belles Artes à Mexico

Photo Credit : Shutterstock / Surasek

Average cost of living: around €1,423 per month

Internet quality: good (average 16 mbps)

Security level: good

If you like sprawling cities that never sleep, then Mexico City is for you! A newcomer to the world of digital nomads, Mexico City will surprise you on many levels. Fascinating culture, low cost of living and modern cafés await you in the Mexican capital. Public transportation makes it easy to get from one neighborhood to the next.

Mexico City is becoming increasingly popular with digital nomads. You’ll soon be charmed by the joie de vivre and warmth of the city’s hustle and bustle.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Le Grand Palais d'Or de Bangkok. avec vue sur les gratte-ciel de la ville au lever du soleil.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / TWStock

Average cost of living: around €1,394 per month

Internet quality: very good (22 mbps)

Security level: very good

Bangkok has always fascinated and attracted travelers from the four corners of the globe. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the favorite destinations for digital nomads. Bubbling and vibrant, the city never sleeps. So it’s perfectly suited to the varied lifestyles of digital nomads. And with good reason, professionals can legally work in Thailand on a tourist visa.

Bangkok is an ideal blend of the exotic and the modern. The city boasts ultra-modern coworking spaces. It’s also easy to connect to the Internet free of charge from a multitude of locations.

6. Lisbon, Portugal

Personnes en terrasse avec pont en fond, Lisbonne

Photo credit: Shutterstock / RossHelen

Average cost of living: around €1,985 per month

Internet quality: very good (average 25 mbps)

Security level: excellent

Relaxed and sunny, the Portuguese capital is home to a very active and open community of digital nomads. Numerous events are regularly organized: meet-ups, parties, fields days, etc. The cost of living is low compared with many other European metropolises.

Lisbon is also economically very dynamic and offers interesting opportunities for digital nomads. It’s a perfect blend of leisure activities (culture, nature, architecture) and pleasant places to work.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Surfeur sur la plage de Bali

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Flystock

Average cost of living: around €1,276 per month

Internet quality: very good (average 20 mbps)

Security level: excellent

With its relaxed atmosphere and dreamy landscapes, Bali is THE international capital of digital nomads. Their community is one of the largest and most welcoming in the world, especially in Ubud. In addition to coworking spaces, there are a multitude of cafés and bars perfect for working.

The cost of living can be very low if you choose to live simply. Surfing and yoga in between work sessions quickly becomes a daily routine!

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Centre-ville de Cape Town

Photo credit: Shutterstock / TUX85

Average cost of living: around €1,610 per month

Internet quality: average (average 7 mbps)

Security level: good

An often « forgotten » continent, Africa nevertheless welcomes many digital nomads every year. The city of Cape Town, in South Africa, is a particular magnet for working travellers in search of a change of scenery. Surrounded by sublime landscapes, it offers digital nomads a number of interesting advantages. These include a very affordable cost of living, modern infrastructure and a dynamic new technology and innovation sector.

The nightlife is lively and the atmosphere conducive to socializing thanks to a strong community spirit.

9. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Rue commerçante dans Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Photo credit: Shutterstock / David Bokuchava

Average cost of living: around €921 per month

Internet quality: very good (average 22 mbps)

Security level: very good

Ho Chi Minh City is becoming increasingly popular with the digital nomad community. Its low cost of living and great cultural diversity make it a very attractive place to live. Foreign entrepreneurs are particularly welcome.

The strong presence of Western travelers guarantees an ultra-vibrant melting pot, without making you homesick. By all accounts, Ho Chi Minh City is a place where you’ll quickly feel at home. It’s the ideal Asian city if you’re looking for inspiration and exoticism.

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Plaza Congreso - Buenos Aires, Argentine

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Diego Grandi

Average cost of living: around €940 per month

Internet quality: very good (22 mbps)

Security level: good

The capital of tango and joie de vivre, Buenos Aires is one of South America’s favorite places for digital nomads. Its warm atmosphere and tranquil lifestyle are particularly appealing. Thanks to a well-developed public transport network, it’s easy to live outside the city center at a reasonable price. The city’s natural beauty and cozy cafés are the most popular aspects of Buenos Aires for digital nomads.