This vegan burger mimics the taste of human flesh and won an award for it

Verified on 08/31/2022 by PasseportSanté
Ce burger végan imite le goût de la chair humaine et a reçu un prix pour ça

A Swedish company has created a vegan burger that mimics the taste of human flesh… and just won an award for it!

Not very appetizing, but curious… That must have been the reaction of the judges at the recent International Festival of Creativity held in Cannes.

They gave this cannibal burger a prize, called the Silver Lion. In fact, no human was mistreated in the making of this rather unusual burger.

An idea from Sweden

The idea comes from Swedish company Oumph!who decided to give themselves a bit of a publicity boost this Halloween by offering a sandwich that imitates the taste of human flesh.

We still don’t know by whom and how the resemblance between this meat and our own was judged! The brand ironically replied that it had spent many hours on it.

However, it would appear that human meat has the texture of beef and the taste of pork, according to existing testimonials.

A vegan burger

Recently, Oumph! was rewarded for its audacity and creativity. Contrary to its claims, this burger contains no meat whatsoever: no pig, no cow, no pork, only plant-based foods!

This sandwich is totally vegan and is made from soy, mushrooms, wheat, vegetable fat and an undisclosed blend of spices.

On October 31, Hannibal Lecter’s favorite hamburger was available for a few hours only, so as not to appear strange, the brand explained. It was a quick buzz, but it had the desired effect of getting people talking and raising awareness.

If this burger has won an award, it’s not just because of its name. While creative and intriguing, the burger also raises a number of questions: do we really need animal meat to live? Is eating a beef steak the same as eating a human steak?

Henrik Åkerman, brand manager, explained, « Our mission is to change the way people eat, and it’s our duty to use creativity as a tool to make that change happen. »

He then added: « As a small brand, we have to be bold and willing to push certain boundaries, and I think this campaign is a good example of what we’re doing. »