This drugstore hangover remover is a problem!

Verified on 09/01/2024 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Ce produit anti-gueule de bois vendu en pharmacie pose problème !

In pharmacies, a new dietary supplement called « Alcoool » promises to prevent hangovers and help you enjoy your drunken evenings. An excessive promise, to say the least.

Problem: no real proof of efficacy has yet been provided. We take a look at this so-called remedy…

Convincing marketing arguments

Go out, drink and don’t suffer the consequences? That’s the promise of this product. At the checkout or on the shelf, its packaging stands out for its flashy colors and its promise, unusual to say the least in a pharmacy: to relieve hangovers.

Behind this invention are two business school students who founded the company Nonna Lab.

The principle of this beverage is simple: simply consume alcohol before starting to drink to neutralize the effects of a party (notably the headache).

But what is this formula really worth? That’s what UFC-Que Choisir wanted to know in a recent article!

No proof of efficacy

The drink is made up of a number of herbs, vitamins and minerals that are supposed to work against the effects of hangovers.

The main component of this product is nashi pear, which is said to prevent hangovers thanks to the liver enzymes it contains.

Despite the manufacturer’s claims, this product is not sufficiently supported by scientific studies, and Nonna Lab has not conducted clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy of this ingredient.

The vitamins contained in this remedy are designed to combat fatigue and boost intellectual performance. As the product’s packaging states, « you enjoy your evening and wake up feeling fit and beautiful « .

But its effectiveness has not been proven!

A problematic focus

For specialists, the very existence ofa food supplement supposed to prevent hangovers is problematic, because of the message it conveys!

« If we see ourselves as having a solution to a hangover, we run the risk of abusing alcohol instead of managing our consumption, » points out Dr Géraldine Talbot, an addictologist and member of the Fédération Addiction.

Indeed, as UFC-Que Choisir explains, focusing on the elimination of alcohol by the livermeans forgetting that it also acts on other organs, such as the brain!

Offering them in pharmacies gives them a certain status, » saysGuylaine Benech, consultant-trainer in addictive behavior and prevention. Subconsciously, customers can draw a parallel with drugs.

Evolving communications

« Drinking water is not enough », reads the manufacturer’s website. Despite regular reminders to « consume in moderation », Nonna Lab has decided to encourage people to drink a lot, notably via social networks, which reach a younger and therefore more vulnerable target.

« This message is completely irresponsible from a social point of view, and lags behind the trend in society, which is moving towards a reduction in alcohol consumption, » comments Guylaine Benech of UFC-Que Choisir.

Alcohol is toxic to the brain, especially before the age of 25! The choice of targeting young people, who are more prone to excessive alcohol consumption, is therefore alarming! Alcohol is the leading cause of death among young people!

Nevertheless, following contact from the consumer advocacy group, Nonna Lab CEO Dorian Barberan said the company planned to re-evaluate its strategy in 2024 in order to adopt « more serious communication aimed at establishing our credibility ».

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health – consume in moderation!