This drink should be banned from your shopping list!

Verified on 12/10/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Cette boisson est à bannir de votre liste de courses !

It’s one of today’s most popular drinks! For young people, the days of drinking coffee and sodas galore are over! Now they’re drinking a trendy new beverage straight from Asia… Bubble Tea!

This drink is the new coffee for young people… its unique colors and original flavors are attracting more and more fans! But what’s really behind this drink? Let’s find out!

Addiction and depression, the hidden ingredients of Bubble Tea

Sucking rubbery beads through a giant straw is a new passion for young people. However, the fun aspect of this drink hides many problems. In fact, according to Chinese researchers, over-consumption of these new-generation drinks with their high sugar and caffeine content is associated with mental health problems!

That’s right! If you thought you’d keep your mind occupied with the flashy colors of this drink, it’s not the remedy that will put you in a better mood!

In fact, a study by Tsinghua University (China) looked at nearly 5,000 Beijing students and their beverage consumption, which included Bubble Tea!

The result? Researchers have revealed a potential addiction to the drink.

In short, during the analysis,  » nearly 77% of participants consumed at least 6 to 11 cups over the course of the year » .

 » We found that a higher level of Bubble Tea dependence was significantly associated with a higher risk of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, respectively, after controlling for confounding variables, in young people consuming Bubble Tea » explains Science Direct.

This addictive phenomenon may be associated with fragile mental health. In fact, these sugary drinks are used as a means of regulating emotions, creating a real dependency.

Sugar, sugar and more sugar!

It may look healthy, it may be made from tea, tapioca pearls and fruit flavoring, but it’s not calorie-free! These  » fruity  » drinks may give the illusion of eating well, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

And yes! Some Bubble Teas contain more sugar than Coca Cola!

Scientists point out that these teas contain a lot of sugar and caffeine, and that these sugars have an adverse effect on mental health!

More worryingly, over-consumption of Bubble Tea could even cause an attack of gout! In fact, a young man in China was hospitalized for consuming too much Bubble Tea.

Dr Zheng Shaoling analyzed his patient’s case. « Gout presents symptoms such as pain, redness and swelling in the joints (…). When the patient arrived, gout affected all four limbs and prevented him from walking. The teenager’s uric acid levels were very high. »

For the sake of your health, we recommend that you don’t overindulge in Bubble Tea!