The worst Yule logs sold in supermarkets

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Les plus mauvaises bûches de Noël vendues en supermarché

Chocolate, caramel or fruit… Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to choosing the famous Yule log. Unfortunately, some industrial Yule logs can be very unhealthy.

That’s what UFC-Que Choisir revealed in its latest survey. Discover the best and worst Yule logs sold in supermarkets.

The worst industrial Yule logs

In its latest issue, UFC Que Choisir magazine conducted an investigation into the must-have holiday dessert: the Yule log. The experts analyzed the ingredients in no fewer than 50 industrial logs.

They then had the unpleasant surprise of finding beef gelatin and no less than 15 different additives in some of these desserts.  » It’s too much, especially as we still don’t know anything about possible ‘cocktail effects’ when these molecules are mixed together « , said the association.

Among the worst logs rated by the Consumers’ Union are :

  • the vanilla, lime and raspberry ice cream log from Erhard et
  • Eskiss Signature (Marque Repère) nougat-raspberry ice log.

The best (or least worst) Yule logs

 » All the logs available in supermarkets are ultra-processed products to be consumed in moderation. A few brands stand out positively, although this is not the case for all their products, » states UFC Que Choisir.

So even the top-rated Christmas logs are not additive-free.

On the podium were :

  • Excellence ice cream logs in 3rd place. However, the Consumers’ Union described these logs as mediocre because of some of their ingredients: 2 added flavorings, 4 industrial ingredients and 6 additives.
  • The 2-chocolate log from the Deluxe brand (Lidl) in 2nd place. With 1 flavoring, 2 industrial ingredients and 4 additives, it is also rated average.
  • Picard’s apple tatin vanilla pastry log. It contains only 2 additives, 0 added flavoring and only 1 industrial ingredient.