The world’s largest indoor theme park is in Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubaï

Dubai sets a new gigantic record with the opening of the world’s largest indoor theme park.

In the United Arab Emirates, in the city of Dubai to be precise, you can now enjoy the world’s largest indoor theme park. This city of excess already boasts the world’s tallest building, and recently began work on the future world’s largest shopping mall: Meydan One.

Continuing its momentum, since August 31, 2016, Dubai has been offering its residents and tourists the chance to enjoy a 140,000 m² entertainment area, equivalent to 28 soccer pitches, capable of accommodating more than 20,000 people a day. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, an influential member of the city’s board of directors, is responsible for this investment.

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubaï

Spectacular modern attractions

IMG Worlds of Adventure promises to be a paradise for looping enthusiasts! The site boasts 22 different attractions, including a vertiginous, ultra-fast roller coaster that will even take visitors outside the building.

The theme park also features a 5D attraction. Beyond the motion of 3D films and the effects of 4D, 5D adds an extra dimension to the show, with vibrations and explosions!

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubaï

A mix of amusement park and shopping mall

Dubai is famous for its large shopping malls. IMG Worlds of Adventure is no exception, offering adrenaline junkies 25 department stores and 28 restaurants to satisfy every taste. Whether you need to do your daily shopping or want to stroll through luxury boutiques, you’ll find all kinds of stores on site.

A clear determination to take advantage of tourism growth

The construction of this theme park is no accident. In 2015, Dubai welcomed 14 million visitors. By 2020, the city expects to welcome over 20 million. Those behind IMG Worlds of Adventure are betting on the rise in tourism in the region to quickly recoup their investment.

This indoor theme park cost nearly a billion euros!

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubaï IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubaï