The Top 3 recommended coffees according to the experts!

Verified on 11/29/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Le Top 3 des meilleurs cafés recommandés selon les experts !

Coffee is one of the most important beverages in our daily lives! For thousands of French people, every morning is the same ritual: preparing a good cup of coffee to get the day off to a good start!

Let’s discover the best selection of coffee beans and capsules!

The best coffee in capsules

In France, around 500 million coffee capsules are consumed every year! That’s around 1.37 million coffee capsules used every day, or 16 per second if you prefer…

These staggering figures demonstrate the French people’s love of their coffee machines.

However, while using a capsule is practical, it’s a real headache when it comes to recycling!

At the top of the ranking of the best capsule coffees, with a score of 18/20, is the Espresso coffee from Auchan Bio! It costs €2.54 for 10 capsules.

The best coffee beans

Grinding machine sales explode! These machines are selling like hotcakes. Sales jumped 70% in 2021.

Bean-to-cup coffee is the choice of many French people, who praise its better, more authentic taste and unrivalled aroma!

At the top of the ranking of the best coffee beans, with a score of 18.5/20, is Ethiquable’s Equateur intensité 3 arabica coffee! Sold at €3.89 per 250g.

Here’s the best decaffeinated coffee

As the name suggests, decaffeinated beverages offer the advantage of reduced caffeine consumption. However, to obtain a good decaffeinated beverage, caffeine content must not exceed 0.1% of dry weight.

To help you out, here’s the best in its category: Monoprix wins with a score of 15/20 for its decaffeinated coffee! Coffee sold at €3.09 for 10 capsules!

Now that you know the best coffees, treat yourself without destroying your health!