The top 3 healthy ready meals!

Verified on 02/24/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Les top 3 des plats préparés bons pour votre santé !

No time to cook today? You don’t have time to eat and you immediately jump on a ready-made meal for lunch?

We’ve all been in those situations where ready-made meals seem like the best option! But not all ready-made meals are created equal.

60 millions de consommateurs conducted a survey on four families of ready-made meals preferred by the French. They tasted between 11 and 15 references for each of them. Here’s their verdict!

Discover our selection of the best ready-made meals to be found in supermarkets!

The best couscous ever!

Salt is the main problem in this oriental dish!

According to an analysis by 60 Millions de Consommateurs, the Jardin Bio Etic brand takes3rd place in the ranking at a price of €3.17 for 220g. Its strong points: few additives, low fat content and high fiber content!

Picard’s couscous royal with chicken, lamb and merguez takes2nd place, with a price tag of €10.99 per 990g. Its negative point: a not inconsiderable amount of fat.

Weight Watchers takes 1st place with its Oriental couscous, cooked vegetables and minced chicken at €3.96 per 300g. Its strong points: portion size and few additives.

The best moussaka!

Note that all moussaka dishes have a Nutri-Score C, due to the excess salt and insufficient fiber.

3rd place went to the Auchan moussaka , priced at €3.15 per 300g. Positive points are the portion size and the low additive content.

In2nd place was the D’Aucy brand’s veggie version of moussaka, priced at €3.15 per 300g. Its strong points are its high fiber content and low fat content.

1st place went to Marque Repère from E. Leclerc with its Greek-style beef moussaka at €4.17 per 850g. Highlight: rich in fiber!

The best fish dish ever!

Prepared fish dishes have generous fish portions and a fairly low fat content.

In3rd place was Weight Watchers’ cod with tomato sauce, basil, bulgur and cooked greens, priced at €5.49 per 300g. Weak points: too much salt and the quality of the fish.

In2nd place, the Comme J’aime brand with its hake dish in lemon sauce and rice, at an undisclosed price.

1st place goes to Picard with its cod, sauce vierge and rice duo at €5.75 per 350g!

The best chicken basquaise

Almost all Basque chicken dishes have a Nutri-Score B! But there’s still too much salt.

3rd place went to Fleury Michon with its Basquaise chicken, cooked peppers and rice, priced at €4.59 per 300g.

2nd place went to Picard for its chicken filet à la basquaise and Camargue rice, priced at €5.99 per 350 g.

1st place went to Comme J’aime for its chicken basquaise with rice. The prize is unfortunately not available.

No prepared dish will ever equal homemade, but this list will give you the opportunity to make a difference from time to time!