The small seaside resort of Mui Ne in Vietnam

Bateaux pêcheurs Mui Ne

Visiting Mui Ne in Vietnam: what to do, what to see?

Even if Mũi Né is looking more and more like a resort for Russians and a little Saint-Tropez in the making, this little town is well worth a well-deserved stopover of at least two days. Located 230 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City, it still takes 5 or 6 hours to get there by road (the traffic is impressive and the roads are potholed). But once there, you’ll need little time to acclimatize: sun, beach and sand dunes are on the agenda.

Stroll along the Suoi Tien river

Rivière Mui Ne

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This river is also known as the Fairy Stream, and you can start your walk here. Come in the middle of the day to enjoy the cool water, which is barely ankle-deep at its deepest point. The water is very clear, and if it seems muddy, it’s because of the reddish earth. There’s something magical about this place, with its tropical vegetation, bright red earth, small waterfalls and cheerful people.

Climb to the Poshanu Cham Tower in Phan Thiet

Cham Tower Phan Thiet Mui Ne

20 kilometers from Mui Ne itself is the large village of Phan Thiet. Between the two small towns, you’ll notice that there’s a mound overlooking them. This is Mount Ong Hoang, on which towers have been built that are typical of Cham places of worship. The best way to get there is to rent a scooter in Mui Ne. How to get there? Just click here.

Red sand dunes and a lake of lotus flowers

With its sand dunes, Mui Ne is reminiscent of the Sahara desert. There are two sites where you can find dunes: just 5 km from Mui Ne, there are the Red Dunes, easily accessible by scooter. Here you can go sandboarding. The best time to go is in the morning or late afternoon, when the sun isn’t too strong.

Dunes Mui Me

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A 40-minute scooter ride from Mui Ne, in the direction of Nha Trang, brings you to the white dunes. Try to get there early, or at sunset. The dunes are striking and worth a visit on their own. But the fact is, they border a tranquil lake filled with lotus flowers. By now, the area is well known to tourists, many of whom can be seen here. You can even go quad biking.

On the way, you’ll pass through a fishing village offering a really pretty view of the sea with its blue boats. A great place to take photos.
Bateaux pêcheurs Mui Ne

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Beach and water sports at Mui Ne

The beach at Mui Ne is often « caressed » by a light breeze, making it ideal for sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. The small resort is also renowned for its waves and attracts surfers. If you’re not at all sporty, you’ll have to be content with a swim.
Kite Surf Mui Ne Vietnam

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How to get to Mui Ne

Take a bus from Ho Chi Minh City and book it at a local tourist agency (see De Tham street). The bus will drop you off in the middle of Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street in Mui Ne. Ask your driver to drop you off at your hotel if it’s off-center. If you’re coming from the other direction, from Nha Trang and Dalat, it’s best to take a bus (allow 4 to 5 hours for the journey). The bus is the cheapest way to get here.

You can get there by train, at least as far as Phan Thiet. Pick up your ticket at Ho Chi Minh station. Once in Phan Thiet, all you have to do is take a cab.

Where to eat in Mui Ne

The fishing towns of Mui Ne and Phan Thiet are renowned for their seafood-based cuisine, and you’ll be spoilt for choice onAvenue Nguyen Dinh Chieu. Just remember to look at the menu before you sit down. Many restaurants are run by Russians and you may want to avoid them. There are also a few bars where you can go out in the evening.

During the day, take time out to visit Phan Thiet’s local market for local food and especially fruit, which is excellent here.

Where to stay in Mui Ne?

Today, Mui Ne looks more like a resort for the rich than a charming little fishing village. That said, you’ll still find some lovely guesthouses (still along this Nguyen Dinh Chieu avenue). You can certainly make your choice on the spot, as there’s always room and prices aren’t high. However, if you need to book your charming (or luxury) hotel in advance, we advise you to do so with our partner.

Have you been to Mui Né? Did you enjoy the little town or would you advise not stopping here on a trip to Vietnam?

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