The list of the 7 foods richest in hidden sugars!

Verified on 10/25/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
La liste des 7 aliments les plus riches en sucres cachés !

Hidden sugars, also known as added sugars, are sugars that are « added » to foods and beverages during their manufacture or preparation.

These sugars are not naturally present in food, but are included to improve taste, texture or shelf life.

These sugars differ from the sugars naturally present in food because they are artificially introduced in the manufacturing process!

So, when we want to reduce our sugar intake, we don’t always think of these products… And yet, they contain significant quantities of sugar! We take stock!

Good to know! These hidden sugars can take many forms, including high-fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, maple syrup, honey and cane sugar…

Flavoured yoghurts

The majority of flavored yogurts are rich in sugar to improve their taste! A study published in the British Medical Journal sifted through hundreds of brands!

The result? The conclusion is clear: flavored yogurts, yogurt drinks for children and dessert creams are far too sweet! What’s more, they’re just as rich in additives!

Good to know: Eat the most natural yogurts possible: fromage frais, plain petit-suisse yogurt…

Sauces for salads

Salad dressings and sauces have added sugars to enhance their flavour! In fact, those dressings you drizzle over your salad are packed with sweeteners!

Instead, opt for homemade preparations based on balsamic vinegar or lemon! You’ll never wonder where these sauces come from again!

Soup bricks

Soups and veloutés in carton packs can help out from time to time. But the high salt and sugar content of most of these products makes them a poor choice for everyday consumption! What’s more, these products contain too little fiber…

Reminder: Homemade soups are ideal! They’re rich in fibre and vitamins!

Fruit juices

While these drinks may seem healthy to many, the opposite is true: store-bought fruit juices generally contain added sugars, in addition to the natural sugars in the fruit.

As we all know, it can be hard to do without orange nectar or apple juice in the morning. So be careful and read labels carefully, or opt for homemade fruit juices!

Frozen pizzas

There’s no doubt about it: frozen foods, especially pizzas, are rich in sugar! In fact, according to a study by the Institut National de la Consommation, half a pizza contains the equivalent of three sugar cubes!

Breakfast cereals

Many breakfast cereals contain large amounts of added sugar to make them even more appetizing! This is particularly true of children’s cereals! Even if they seem healthy (based on granola or oat flakes), beware!

Also, the sugar content of breakfast cereals can vary considerably depending on the brand and type of cereal.

Prepared dishes

Among the foods that contain the most hidden sugars are ready-made meals!

And yes, pasta sauces (jarred or canned tomato sauce), chicken dishes, lasagne, takeaways such as pasta boxes, Asian dishes, ready-to-eat meals and the like are packed with sugar (even if they are salty)!

In fact, manufacturers of ready-made meals often add sugars to improve flavour! Beware!