The list of jams to ban from your shopping list!

Verified on 03/04/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
La liste des confitures à bannir de votre liste de course !

Do you prefer strawberry or apricot jam? Do you prefer your jam with or without pesticides?

Discover the results of an analysis carried out on over 40 jars of France’s favorite jams, strawberries and apricots!

One thing’s for sure… the composition of your favorite jams may surprise you! 60 millions de consommateurs magazine takes on jams!

They analyzed the labels of nearly 20 jars of strawberry jam and 20 jars of apricot jam for potential pesticides!

Scores ranged from 7.5/20 to 15.5/20! Discover the results!

Beware of apricots: pesticides in abundance

Of the 40 jam references analyzed, 22 contained harmful molecules. Apricot jams were the most contaminated!

On the other hand, when it comes to strawberry jam, the Carrefour brand Reflets de France jam from Dordogne contains 5 fungicides or insecticides!

As for apricots, 4 jam jars stand out (and not in a good way!).

Auchan La Gourmande, Confipote 65% fruit jams, Gerblé jams with no added sugar and Intermarché Paquito extra jams all contain 2 pesticides banned in the European Union due to their harmfulness!

These are carbendazim and thiophanate-methy, both of which are toxic if exposed orally, dermally or in the respiratory tract!

Andros low-fat apricot jam (30% sugar) also contains traces of carbendazim.

Choose organic jams

The doses found are five to ten times lower than the maximum residue limit (MRL) imposed by regulations, » she explains. We’re just above the quantification threshold, » explains Blandine Delbecque, Quality Manager at Lucullus, owner of the Confituriers des Hauts-de-France brand, whose strawberry jam contains four authorized pesticides.

The quantities found in organic jams are very low! All the jams analysed have concentrations well below the regulatory thresholds!

The best jams to choose

To help you next time you’re at the supermarket, here are the two best jams! U’s 65% fruit jam is the best in the strawberry category!

For apricots, Confiturelle, organic, 65% fruit, came out on top with a score of 15.5/20! A word of advice: look carefully at your labels!