The list of cookies and cakes to ban from your shopping list!

Verified on 07/06/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
La liste des biscuits et gâteaux à bannir de votre liste de courses !

Their delicious taste and crunchy or chewy texture leave no one indifferent! Cookies offer instant gratification and are often a source of comfort.

But are the products we eat always healthy? Cookies and cakes aren’t exactly your snacking allies!

In a new survey, 60 millions de consommateurs magazine has taken a close look at chocolate cookies, analyzing more than 24 references in detail. Here are the results!

The snack, a sacred moment!

Snacking is a favorite moment for children… But adults love this sweet moment too! In fact, according to a study carried out in 2021, one adult in four will be snacking every day!

Nevertheless, even if cookies are the stars of snacking, it’s important not to eat too many! And with good reason: the study analyzed «  24 references of cakes filled or topped with chocolate or red fruit, and chocolate-covered cookies ».

The result? By consuming a 50 g portion, i.e. about 2 cookies, we ingest almost 14 g of sugars… or 30% of our daily requirements!

The cakes are even the sweetest, with Casino’s Strawberry Doodingues containing 23g of sugar per serving!

High-sugar, high-fat cookies

The magazine 60 millions de consommateurs even points out that «  7 [references] out of 24 are below the 10/20 average ».

These cookies include Milka’s Choco Pépites, with the highest sugar content, Bonne Maman’s « milk chocolate shortbread » cookies and Lu’s Granola, which are the richest in saturated fatty acids!

Additive-rich cookies

When it comes to additives, they’re not to be outdone! Indeed, soft cakes and pastries are the champions, with a record for Lulu l’Ourson, which contains 9 additives, closely followed by the Goûter fraise cœur fondant P’tit Déli from the E. Leclerc brand!

The main additives are emulsifiers, baking powders, thickeners, gelling agents and acidity regulators!