The grand jet d’eau in Lake Geneva


In Geneva, Switzerland, Lake Geneva is overlooked by the 140-meter-high jet d’eau, the Swiss city’s landmark.

Since 1891, the Jet d’Eau has been one of Geneva‘s great symbols. It is synonymous with the ambition and dynamism of a city that promotes sustainable development. The jet’s characteristics are impressive: 140 meters high, an exit speed of up to 200 km/h, a flow rate of 500 liters per second, and a mass of water in the air weighing 7 tons.

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The water jet in photos

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SIG is the owner of this water monument. 5 retired volunteers keep it running smoothly. It’s important to keep an eye on the weather, because if the wind is too strong or the temperature too low, you have to turn off the pressure to avoid taking any risks. Ducks, swans and other birds don’t hesitate to take advantage of the jet to have a good shower of water.

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The water jet filmed by a drone

Photographer and videographer Fabio Chironi flew a camera-equipped drone over Geneva’s landmark. To do this, he had to obtain prior authorization. He then had to be quick, as the batteries must not run down in mid-air, as this could cause the camera to fall.

The beauty of Lake Geneva

But Lake Geneva isn’t just a place to visit for its jet d’eau. In fact, the city of Geneva has much more to offer, as you can see from the travel guide we’ve put together for you.

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Photo credit: Mélanie Escach