The best ways to enjoy Santorini’s beauty


How to discover Santorini’s landscapes? Enjoy unforgettable experiences as you discover the beauty of the island!

Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades archipelago, Santorini is a jewel of ancient Greece, renowned for its picturesque white villages, romantic sunsets and azure waters. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor getaway, a cultural immersion or simply a well-deserved relaxing break, Santorini is the place where a thousand experiences await you to discover the full beauty of its landscape. Here’s our selection of must-do activities for an unforgettable experience on your next trip to Santorini!

Discover the island by helicopter

vue aerienne sur Oia, pour découvrir les paysages de Santorin en hélicoptère

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Would you like to enjoy views inaccessible on foot and admire the Santorini landscape from a different angle? Then why not take a helicopter tour? From up there, it’s impossible to miss the spectacular panoramas the island has to offer. Between views of the white and blue villages, the calanques and the Aegean Sea, you’ll discover the island like never before. What’s more, by flying at a higher altitude, you’ll be able to appreciate Santorini’s unique features, such as its volcanic rock formations and secluded coves.

During your helicopter tour, you’ll have the chance to discover some of the island’s most emblematic spots. These include the village of Oia, reputed to be the most beautiful spot on Santorini, and the village of Emporio. These two small towns are famous for their traditional white houses and cobbled streets. A marvel to behold from the air. Don’t forget to visit the coves of Perissa and Red Beach, as well as the hot springs of Palea Kameni, overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Enough to whet the appetite for a swim later in the day!

Flying over the island, you can also easily appreciate the diversity of its landscapes. These include vineyards, sandy beaches and rocky cliffs.

Explore ancient archaeological sites

Site de Thera à Santorin

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If Santorini’s beauty is legendary and attracts travelers, you should know that it is also a destination rich in history and culture! The island is dotted with archaeological sites where you can learn more about its heritage.

One site not to be missed is the ancient Thera, located high above the town of Perissa. The site is large, and visitors can explore it freely, right up to the end of the cliff where it stands. From this spot, you can contemplate the Aegean Sea all the way to the horizon! You can also admire the surrounding cliffside villages. A visit to ancient Thera is an opportunity to take in the sights and discover the fascinating relics of the island’s past.

Another emblematic archaeological site is Akrotiri, a historic site famous for its exceptional finds. There are well-preserved wall paintings and intact architectural structures. You can also visit the Fira Archaeological Museum, home to many of the island’s most important finds. These include ancient pottery, sculptures and jewelry.

If you’re looking for a taste of culture and history during your visit to Santorini, these archaeological sites are a must!

Discover Santorini’s beaches

Plage rouge à santorin, découvrir les différents paysages

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Santorini abounds in magnificent beaches for travellers in search of relaxation and picture-postcard scenery. Perissa beach is one of the island’s most popular. With its black volcanic sand and crystal-clear waters, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable swimming experience! And for the more active, there are plenty of water sports on offer in the area. Snorkeling, jet-skiing, stand-up paddling and more, there’s something for everyone. And for a taste of the delicious local cuisine, we recommend the excellent « Ntomatini » restaurant !

Red Beach is another singular beach well worth a visit for an unforgettable moment of idleness. With its bright red sand and cliffs, this beach is considered one of the most picturesque on Santorini! If you’re an epicurean, you can enjoy local dishes while admiring the view of the beach at the « Red Beach Taverna » restaurant.

If you’re looking for a little more peace and quiet and want to escape the crowds, Vlichada beach is the place for you. Surrounded by white cliffs and mushroom-shaped rocks, this peaceful beach is an idyllic place to relax. You can also enjoy fresh, tasty cuisine at the Ammos Beach Restaurant.

Cruise around the island

découvrir les paysages de santorin par une croisière

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Where there’s an archipelago, there’s a boat! If you want to admire the island of Santorini, there’s nothing like taking a cruise around the island. It’s a unique and enjoyable way to appreciate the beauty of the destination. It’s also the best way to discover all the most hidden and secluded coves and beaches, but also to admire the more well-known spots like Perissa Beach and Red Beach. An unforgettable moment for those looking to relax and discover Santorini’s hidden landscapes.

Cruises around Santorini are often organized aboard traditional Greek vessels, for the most authentic experience possible. While enjoying the sea breeze and sunshine, you can admire the white cliffs and picturesque villages from the sea. A few stops on the more secluded beaches will even give you the opportunity to enjoy a swim.

A cruise around Santorini is a must for any traveler in search of discovery and relaxation.

Visit the island’s white villages by bike

découvrir santorin à Velo

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Santorini’s villages have an iconic aesthetic. Their unique architecture, with traditional white stone houses and cobbled streets, is instantly recognizable.

Emporio and Megalochori are two particularly popular villages for their bucolic atmosphere and the scenery they offer. Renting a bike to explore these villages means you can visit at your own pace, while taking time to enjoy the views and local shops.

As you pedal along the cobbled streets, you’ll come across all the little nooks and crannies of the villages. The perfect opportunity to stop and take photos, soak up the atmosphere and sample the local specialities. You’ll always find a nugget to discover, whether it’s historic churches, taverns or local craft stores. If you try cycling, you’ll discover the true essence of Santorini and enjoy a memorable holiday.

Bathing in Santorini’s natural hot springs

Source chaude santorin

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Santorini is famous for its natural hot springs. The island’s most emblematic are the Palea Kameni and Therma hot springs. There, you can enjoy the sulfurous thermal waters while taking in the view of the Aegean Sea. The Therma hot springs include a whirlpool bath for the ultimate relaxation experience!

The Palea Kameni hot springs are accessible by boat from Santorini’s marina.

For a moment of relaxation and calm, we recommend Santorini’s hot springs. What’s more, they’re renowned for their therapeutic benefits. A special moment, in an idyllic setting, admiring the Aegean Sea and discovering the scenery of Santorini’s natural hot springs.

If you’re looking for a destination rich in beauty, culture and history, then Santorini is the island for you.

There are still many ways to discover all this island has to offer, and there’s something for everyone.

Let your imagination decide how you will enjoy Santorini’s beauty, and let yourself be inspired! So, how will you discover this nugget of the Cyclades archipelago?