The best strawberry jam to add to your shopping list!

Verified on 07/11/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
La meilleure confiture de fraises à ajouter à votre liste de courses !

Buying low-priced products is good for the budget. But is it really good for your health? That’s what 60 millions de consommateurs wanted to know, by analyzing several budget products, including strawberry jam!

In its new special issue, the magazine has sifted through more than 12 jars of strawberry jam from major brands, as well as budget brands!

Do you know the best strawberry jam? Find out in this new comparative test from 60 millions de consommateurs!

Fruit, fruit and more fruit…

Very popular with breakfast, jam is a product that delights the taste buds of many French people!

« Whether or not they are manufactured for supermarkets, the strawberry jams on our panel, the most popular flavor, contain far more fruit than the 35% minimum required by regulations, and sometimes more than advertised (like Confipote), » explains 60 millions de consommateurs.

In fact, Lucien Georgelin jam even incorporates apples! And that’s a good thing: apples are rich in pectin, a carbohydrate with gelling properties, which is one way this jam improves its consistency and reduces its cost!

But also a lot of sugar….

The nutritional characteristics of jams vary depending on the type of fruit used, and also on the type of jam!

On the downside, most references contain more than 55% sugar!

Good to know: Beware, low-sugar jams often compensate with preservatives, gelling agents and artificial sweeteners!

Also, some of the jams analyzed even add water to their composition to reduce manufacturing costs.

And a few pesticides!

Worse still, some of the jams on the panel contained traces of pesticides : the worst jams analyzed contained up to 5 fungicides or insecticides!

However, as the magazine points out, the doses detected are well below the authorized limits.

The choice of 60 millions de consommateurs

In addition to containing no trace of harmful substances, E. Leclerc’s Douceur du Verger jam is also very inexpensive! That’s why Douceur du Verger strawberry jam tops the 60 millions de consommateurs ranking!