The best potato chips to add to your shopping list!

Verified on 04/07/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
La liste des meilleures chips à ajouter à votre liste de course !

In the summertime, aperitifs are very popular! Relaxation, sharing and tasting delicious appetizers are the order of the day! And when you say « aperitif », you say « potato chips » and other crunchy appetizers!

While some people prefer « plain », « cheese » or « peanut » potato chips, in terms of composition these potato chips are no match! What are the best products to accompany us this summer?

The magazine 60 millions de consommateurs (60 million consumers) looked into the matter and analyzed 54 potato chip references in detail. Here are their results!

The aperitif, a timeless habit

The aperitif is firmly rooted in our drinking habits! According to a recent survey, 32% of French people organize aperitifs at home at least once a week, and 27% once or twice a month, usually with family or friends!

Proof that for more than half of French people, aperitifs are a real must! These festive moments are greatly appreciated, with crunchy appetizers such as potato chips a must for 85% of « apérivores »!

However, with 250 varieties of potato chips to choose from, it’s hard to find your way around!

A surprising analysis

The magazine 60 millions de consommateurs analyzed 3 different product categories: plain, cheese and peanut/graham crackers!

Here’s a hint for fans of plain or peanut-based products: these potato chips contain few, if any, additives!

On the other hand, fans of potato chips and cheese snacks would do well to check the composition of their product next time!

Plain potato chips lead the way

As far as the NutriScore is concerned, cheese products come last! As for peanut products, they get better marks, but it’s mainly plain products that come out on top!

In fact, plain potato chips top the list! On average, they contain just 0.9g of saturated fatty acids. Bottom line: choose plain potato chips , which contain little salt and few saturated fatty acids!

In stark contrast to cheese products! On average, these products contain a lot of salt and saturated fatty acids. What’s more, most of these products don’t actually contain any real cheese!

As for the peanut products, the results were rather pleasing. Most products were judged to be good, or even very good!

In short, according to the magazine,  » cheese products lag behind ‘plain’ and ‘seed or peanut’ products, both nutritionally and because of the frequent presence of additives. The real strength of peanut products lies in their fiber and, above all, protein content.

The best chewy aperitifs are…

According to the results of the 60 Millions de Consommateurs study, here are the best aperitifs! In each of the three categories, these products stand out for their nutritional quality combined with a reasonable price.

For the nature category, the reference that stands out is :

  • Doritos, Chips Goût Nature with a score of 15.5/20!

In the cheese category, the reference that stands out is :

  • U soufflés, mini price, cheesy taste with a 12.5/20 rating!

In the seeds and peanuts category, the reference that stands out is :

  • Gressins Florelli, Grissini artigianali multigrains with a score of 15.5/20!

What’s more, Florelli’s Doritos and breadsticks are additive-free, and U’s cheese soufflés contain only paprika extract.