The best fat-burning drink on the market!

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La meilleure boisson qui brûle les graisses en un clin d'oeil !

In addition to a balanced diet and sporting activity, weight loss can be facilitated by the consumption of certain so-called detox drinks. Here’s a closer look at this beverage with detoxifying powers, perfect for cleansing the body and burning fat!

While the wellness and nutrition market is saturated with so-called « detox » products, sold at varying prices, there are 100% natural and very economical solutions to boost the body and promote weight loss. The most effective? A homemade infusion of ginseng! This age-old plant, native to the Far East (Japan, Korea, China), is formidable for detoxifying the liver and boosting energy levels!

Ginseng, a plant with a thousand and one virtues

Consuming it speeds up the body’s metabolism, making it work harder. As a result, the body expends more energy, which promotes weight loss. These benefits were confirmed by a study conducted by the University of Chicago in 2002. Researchers observed positive effects on diabetics, with ginseng berries helping to lower blood sugar levels. A more recent study published in 2010 also found that this plant was effective in preventing fat formation and hence cardiovascular disease.

Watch your consumption!

Ginseng is not recommended in combination with other stimulating beverages, such as tea or coffee. It is also not recommended for pregnant women, minors or people with high blood pressure. This plant can also be dangerous if taken at the same time as anticoagulant or anti-diabetic treatment.