The best drink for quitting smoking is this one!

Verified on 10/31/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
La meilleure boisson pour arrêter de fumer, c'est celle-ci !

Some 12 million French people are smokers, even though almost 60% of daily smokers want to kick the habit.

Indeed, according to data from the Santé Publique France Barometer in 2021, among daily smokers, nearly 60% say they want to stop smoking, and 26% say they plan to quit in the next 6 months.

In fact, 30% of smokers have tried to quit for at least one week in the course of a year. It’s true that many smokers have tried to quit, but to no avail: the urge always returns and the temptation is far too strong.

But did you know that drinking this beverage can reduce cravings? We tell you all about it.

The best way to preserve your lungs is to stop smoking

We can’t stress enough that smoking is bad for your health! Every cigarette smoked directly attacks the smoker’s respiratory system!

Smoking affects the throat, trachea, bronchi and lungs. As you smoke, tobacco’s harmful substances are deposited within the cells of each of these body parts.

The result? The latter fill up with excessive carbon monoxide, and the oxygen content is reduced, leading to shortness of breath.

To defend itself, the body triggers an immune response that results in bronchial inflammation, mucus secretion and coughing fits.

But did you know that there’s no miracle solution for eliminating the tars and toxic substances that have accumulated in the alveoli of the lungs and in the body in general?

The only way to preserve your lungs is toquit smoking for good ! Easier said than done, we agree. However, drinking a particular beverage may reduce the desire to smoke….

Drink water, without moderation!

To quit smoking, it’s essential to give yourself every chance! That’s why we recommend the best drink of all… water!

Essential to every human being, water is of paramount importance when it comes to quitting smoking, for several reasons:

  • Water will alleviate withdrawal symptoms (dry mouth or excessive salivation).
  • Water will be useful to trick the brain.
  • Water helps eliminate toxic waste from the body.

Good to know: Drinking a glass of water can often help you resist the urge to smoke! This technique helps distract the brain!

Watch out!

One of the little-known effects of smoking is that it increases the rate at which caffeine is eliminated from the body. To minimize the inconvenience of quitting, experts advise smokers to reduce their caffeine intake.

Too much coffee or soda when you stop smoking can cause anxiety, irritability, stress and loss of concentration.