The best capsule coffee according to 60 millions de consommateurs!

Verified on 06/11/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Le meilleur café en capsule selon 60 millions de consommateurs !

Coffee is one of our everyday beverages! For thousands of French people, every morning is the same ritual: preparing a good cup of coffee to get the day off to a good start!

In France, nearly 500 million coffee capsules are consumed every year ! That’s around 1.37 million coffee capsules used every day, or 16 per second if you prefer! These staggering figures show just how much the French love their coffee machines…

But do you know which is the best capsule coffee? Find out in this new comparative test from 60 millions de consommateurs!

An interesting analysis

Buying low-priced products is good for the budget. But is it really good for your health? That’s what 60 millions de consommateurs wanted to know, by analyzing several budget products, including coffee capsules!

In its new special issue, the magazine has scrutinized more than 10 capsule coffees from major brands, as well as budget brands! Here are the results of the analysis!

No pesticides in analyzed capsules

Good news: the analysis showed that there were no pesticide residues among the 10 products tested!

However, 60 millions de consommateurs magazine points out that « this is probably due to roasting, which destroys or volatilizes most pesticide molecules « .

However, this technique does have its drawbacks. The process forms polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are potentially harmful.

Another undesirable substance is also formed during roasting: acrylamide. A substance suspected of being carcinogenic in high doses (it must not exceed the threshold of 400 µg/kg in roasted coffee).

Nevertheless, rest assured that the coffees studied are slightly contaminated with acrylamide, but the quantity is harmless!

The choice of 60 millions de consommateurs

« Bearing an organic and fair-trade label, a guarantee of quality, Auchan Bio, Espresso capsules contain the fewest undesirable compounds, » explains 60 millions de consommateurs.

In fact, Auchan Bio’s Espresso coffee capsule tops the list with a score of 18/20 !