The BEST baguette sold in stores, according to 60 millions de consommateurs!

Verified on 09/11/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
La MEILLEURE baguette vendue en magasin, selon 60 millions de consommateurs !

In its new special issue, 60 millions de consommateurs magazine has scrutinized 11 baguettes sold in supermarkets and bakery chains! Here are the results!

The history of baguettes

A true emblem of France, the baguette de pain is so important to the French that it was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

And not for nothing, the baguette is our national treasure! In fact, every day in France, 12 million people push open the door of a boulangerie to buy a baguette! Nearly 75% of French people claim to eat baguettes every day!

There’s a real love affair between the French and the baguette:10 billion baguettes are sold and consumed every year in France– that’s 320 baguettes every second! Impressive, isn’t it?

But are all baguettes the same? In recent years, the range has diversified, and supermarkets are beginning to sell them…

Buying low-priced products is good for the budget. But is it really good for your health? That’s what 60 millions de consommateurs wanted to know, by analyzing several baguettes sold in supermarkets. Here are the results!

An interesting analysis

You may have noticed that stores today have bakery departments equipped with equipment similar to that used by artisan bakers.

However, as 60 millions de consommateurs points out, « don’t be fooled by the pre-packaged baguettes sold in supermarkets for €0.45 or even less: these are frozen dough pieces from bread-making factories, usually baked on the premises ».

Baguettes with too much salt

As the magazine points out, baguettes sold in stores are too salty, with an average of 0.74 g per 50 g portion!

As a reminder, the WHO recommends that adults consume no more than 5g of salt a day.

60 millions de consommateurs regretfully adds a « dunce’s cap for Marie Blachère, Système U and La Mie Câline baguettes, one portion of which alone represents a fifth of our daily intake » .

Few fibers

The magazine also deplores the low fiber content of the baguettes analyzed. « They contain little fiber (1.6 g on average per 50 g), even though they are cereal products ».

The main reason for this is that baguettes are mainly made with refined flour, which contains almost no wheat bark!

On the plus side, baguettes have the advantage of being fat-free.

No pesticides

In terms of pollutants, no pesticides were detected, although « analyses revealed the presence of deoxynivalenol, a substance secreted by molds or mycotoxins, which can cause allergic reactions in five references », the magazine points out.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to be alarmed, as the quantities detected do not present any risk.

The choice of 60 millions de consommateurs

« Completely free of this substance, Intermarché’s La Tradition baguette offers the best value for money in our test, » states the Institut National de la Consommation.

This baguette tops the list with a score of 15/20 and a price of €0.97!