The 9 most beautiful tree houses in Brittany

La Cabane Ben Lomond

Who hasn’t dreamed of renting a cabin in Brittany? Just a few meters off the ground, these unusual accommodations invite you to discover the region in a whole new light!

In the west of France, Brittany is a region with a rich environmental and cultural heritage. It stretches from the Channel coast to the Centre-Val de Loire border. An emblematic peninsula of France, it is at the heart of many traditions and a strong regional identity. It boasts an extraordinary terroir and fabulous historical sites. Indeed, it has been the scene of numerous conflicts over the centuries.

With its slightly British influence, it stands out from the other regions of our beautiful country. It’s also renowned for its unusual legends and legendary myths. So, for an immersive discovery of this exceptional territory, why not rent a cabin in Brittany?

Lalleu manor house

In the heart of a 17th-century estate, you’ll be invited to discover the fabulous world of Breton legends. This cabin rental in Brittany could put you on the path of astonishing fairies. Just a few kilometers from the forest of Brocéliande, you’ll plunge into a world of myths and tales thousands of years old!

1. La Cabane des Farfadets

La Cabane des Farfadets

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Budget: €€€

Home’s best features: a world worthy of legends and fairy tales

If you choose to rent a cabin in Brittany, you’ll be able to discover this fabulous region even better. Between history and myths, the Farfadets cabin offers an immersive dive into local legends. Also, this fun-shaped accommodation is fully equipped for its residents. Ideal for couples, it offers a romantic break in the heart of Brittany. See this cabin

2. The Elf Hut

La Cabane des Elfes

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Budget: €€€

Accommodation bonus: breakfast included for visitors

Renting a cabin in Brittany promises a most unusual experience in the region. Just a stone’s throw from Brocéliande, La demeure des Elfes promises an out-of-the-ordinary stay in Île-et-Vilaine. This amusing cabin has a terrace where you can observe the surrounding nature.

In the evening, you can even take advantage of the spa at the heart of the estate. Just be careful not to run into a bugul-noz or a washerwoman when you return to your cozy nest. See this cabin

Dihan Evasion

In the Breton language, the word « dihan » is synonymous with pause and rest. Needless to say, this fabulous estate is the perfect destination for a relaxing stay. This former family farmhouse has indeed been converted to offer cabane rentals in Brittany. We’ve selected some of their finest accommodations.

3. La Cabane perchée Neh er lenn

La Cabane perchée Neh er lenn

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Budget: €€€€

The accommodation’s plus points: a little bubble of comfort

Renting a cabin in Brittany is the best way to discover this region with its rich cultural heritage. Between nature and traditions, you’ll be able to better understand its exceptional terroir. This eight-metre-high dwelling offers you a romantic break close to the stars.

This cabin rental in Brittany will allow you to spend pleasant summer evenings. There’s nothing like it for two! See this cabin

4. The Baman tree house

La Cabane perchée Baman

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Budget: €€€€

Accommodation bonus: breakfasts provided by the estate

According to Breton tradition, « baman » literally means « to rest ». This cabin rental in Brittany is ideal for a relaxing stay. You’ll be immersed in a magnificent maritime pine forest. In autumn, you’ll be able to watch the squirrels harvesting their winter crop.

With room for three people, this home can even be coupled with another for a vacation with friends. Renting a cabin in Brittany has never been so much fun! See this cabin

Le Manoir du Treuscoat

Between sea and mountains, this cabin rental in Brittany offers you all the richness of the region. You can easily explore the magnificent Finistère coast and discover its extraordinary terroir. This 15th-century estate invites you to cross the centuries with its legendary manor house.

5. Ben Nevis Cabin

La Cabane Ben Nevis

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Budget: €€€€

Plus: access to a private spa

Renting a cabin in Brittany will obviously give you the chance to take a break in a green setting. At a height of over nine meters, the Ben Nevis residence offers a relaxing stay. Highly functional, it’s perfect for couples.

Between nature and tradition, we bet your trip will be a most unusual one. See this cabin

6. Ben Lomond Hut

La Cabane Ben Lomond

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Budget: €€€€

Benefits of this accommodation: ideal for families on vacation, in the heart of traditions

Renting a cabin in Brittany is sure to be an essential part of your family vacation. At the heart of local traditions, you’ll be able to discover the region’s terroir all the better. The Ben Lomond is built over two floors and can accommodate up to five travelers.

It also promises the utmost comfort for your stay. There’s no better way to disconnect from your daily routine and stress. See this cabin

Independent cabins

7. La Cabane Familiale Pigeonnier

La Cabane Familiale Pigeonnier

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Budget: €€€€

Benefits of this accommodation: XXL accommodation for your vacations, close to Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel

Between Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel, renting a cabin in Brittany is the ideal way to discover the region. The Pigeonnier cabin can accommodate up to nine travelers, thanks to its vast space. It’s the perfect place for a stay with family or friends.

What’s more, it has a covered terrace so you can admire the natural surroundings. You can even enjoy the delicious local breakfasts offered by the estate. Renting a cabin in Brittany will be a truly immersive experience! See this cabin

8. La Cabane Vigie

La Cabane Vigie

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Budget: €€€

Lodging advantages: for adventure and open-sea enthusiasts

As its name suggests, this cabin rental in Brittany takes you right up to the treetops. Very spacious, La Vigie has an atypical decor, with the sea and navigation as its theme. Renting a cabin in Brittany will give you the impression of being in a lighthouse, isolated from the noise and crowds. What better way to spend a romantic holiday? See this cabin

9. The Tower

La Tour

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Budget: €€€

The accommodation’s plus points: a real bubble of tranquillity for a relaxing stay

Like the previous one, this cabin rental in Brittany invites you to take to the skies. At over eight meters high, couples can enjoy a particularly unusual vacation. The Tower’s terrace offers exceptional views of the surrounding countryside. See this cabin