The 9 best swimming spots in Paris in the heart of nature

L'île aux Loisirs, Cergy Pontoise

Here are the 9 best swimming spots in Paris. Indulge (almost) your cravings for the gorges of Verdon, the wild Breton coast and the calanques of Cassis.

Do you think Paris has broken its link with Mother Nature? That living in the beating heart of the capital prevents you from getting away from it all? That narrow, historic streets have taken precedence over natural spaces? Think again. There are unsuspected corners of nature on the outskirts of the City of Light. When the sun finally breaks through the gloom, you’ll want to find one of them. And it would be even better if there were a pond to cool off and splash around in, just like in the countryside. Bingo! Here are the 9 best spots in Paris for a swim in nature.

1. Swimming and canoeing on the Epte

Se baigner à Paris dans la vallée de l'Epte

Photo credit: Shutterstock – andre quinou

Change of scenery and calm guaranteed. Immerse yourself in the secluded pleasure of the Epte river. Away from the crowds, why not go for a swim and a canoe trip? This route takes you to the heart of a lush natural environment, close to birds and blue dragonflies. Here, flora and fauna can flourish amid the lush green valleys. This gentle canoe descent is punctuated by grassy areas where you can enjoy a picnic. There are also a few amusing sections: mini-cascades and mini-rapids.

This swimming spot in Paris is actually fifty kilometers from the city center. But that’s all it takes for this river, classified as a Natura 2000 site, to blossom peacefully.

Address: Maison de l’ermitage – salle des fêtes, Rue de l’Ermitage, 95770 Saint-Clair-sur-Epte.

2. Ploufs aux bassins de la Villette

Bassin de la Villette, Paris

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Tommy Larey

The Bassin de la Villette may be well-known, but it’s particularly pleasant. As part of Paris Plage, this water park is launched every summer, right in the heart of the capital. It comprises four pools on a hundred-meter-long floating structure, two paddling pools and two basins up to two meters deep.

For those who want to bask in the sun, there are deckchairs available.

Address: 75019 Paris

3. Water jumps in Saint-Maur

Big jump à Saint-Maur

Photo Credit: Facebook – Ville de Saint Maur des Fossés

The Big Jump in Saint-Maur is a unique event that takes place once a year. So make a note of the next date. Much more than just a spot to swim in Paris, it’s an event that’s both committed and delirious. The Big Jump organization has one vocation: to promote water quality and environmental preservation. Did you know that it takes place all over Europe? Then jump into the Marne, with its seductive banks generously bathed in nature, and join the cause.

The aim of this international river swimming day is also to make it possible to swim in the Marne outside the Big Jump.

Address: 8 Avenue du N, 94100 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés.

4. Diving at Meaux-Plage

Se baigner à Paris : Meaux-Plage

Photo credit: Shutterstock – bensliman hassan


Among the places to swim in Paris, Meaux-Plage looks like a veritable little seaside resort. Both 100% urban and 100% natural, these facilities are nestled in the heart of the Pâtis nature park. Although it’s actually just a stone’s throw from the city, the site is very accessible. This pretty summer beach borders the Marne river.

Sink your toes into the fine sand, take a dip in the lovely natural waters, then enjoy the guinguette and the many activities on offer. Badminton, tennis, volleyball, electric boat, trampoline or mini-golf, don’t you feel like you’re on vacation?

Address: 2 Chemin de la Marine, 77100 Meaux.

5. Wading in the natural lake at Jablines-Annet

Lac naturel, Jablines-Annet

Photo credit: Shutterstock – bensliman hassan

The Jablines-Annet leisure island in Seine-et-Marne offers an unsuspected natural space forty kilometers from the center of Paris. On site, the Blue Flag guarantees water quality and respect for the environment. You’ll discover a natural lake surrounded by white sandy beaches. This green setting gives you a real vacation feeling…

In between dips in the crystal-clear water, why not take a swing at mini-golf or cut across the lake on a windsurfer?

Address: 77450 Jablines.

6. Brasses at Vaires-Torcy

Lac de Vaires-Torcy, base de loisirs

Photo Credit: Flickr – Benh LIEU SONG

This leisure center is renowned for the beauty of its lake. Parisians in need of a refreshing dip revel in the astonishingly turquoise waters of the lake’s lush green banks. Along the banks of the Marne, you’d think you were in the middle of an unspoilt natural park by the sea.

Here you can picnic and enjoy a wide range of fun family activities. Lac de Vaires is also a fabulous playground for catamaran, canoeing, rowing and windsurfing enthusiasts. It’s just thirty kilometers from Paris.

Address: Route de Lagny, 77200 Torcy.

7. Diving in Cergy-Pontoise

L'île aux Loisirs, Cergy Pontoise

Photo credit: Facebook – Cergy-Pontoise l’agglomération


Seen from above, this leisure park looks like a small natural island, set in the heart of an exceptional sea. It’s a sublime spot to swim in Paris and take a vitamin D cure.

Take advantage of the bathing area set in a beautiful square and the six ponds that give the landscape the look of Provencal paintings. This seaside resort also boasts a large slide and aquatic facilities for the enjoyment of young and old alike.

Address: 95000 Cergy.

8. Baths in Bois-le-Roi


Photo Credit: Flickr – ErasmusOfParis


The enchanting setting of this leisure park has to be earned. Fifty kilometers from Paris, on the banks of the Seine, it promises total relaxation and idyllic bathing. Several hectares of water are open to you, in a calm and gentle atmosphere far removed from the hustle and bustle of Paris. Whether in the shade of the trees or in full sun, the sandy coves of Bois-le-Roi look very much like the South of France. Take advantage of the family-friendly activities on offer at the heart of this leisure park. You even have direct access to the Fontainebleau forest.

Address: Rue de Tournezy, 77590 Bois-le-Roi.

9. Crawls in the ponds of Holland

Etangs de Hollande

Photo Credit: Facebook – Rambouillet Territoires


The Etangs de Hollande, in the heart of the Rambouillet forest, are a very natural area. As much to say that they charm the inhabitants of Paris. The atmosphere varies with the seasons, but in fine weather, they love to put down their towels and bask in the sun. This first green base in the Yvelines region offers a refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating experience in a friendly atmosphere. The pond dikes are even more beautiful at sunset. So don’t hesitate to spend the whole day in a place that enjoys a certain confidentiality.

Address: Route des Étangs de Hollande, 78610 Les Bréviaires.

Now you know the best swimming spots in Paros! Which one will you dive into headfirst?