The 9 best outdoor activities in Sicily

Activités outdoor Sicile : kayak

Do you dream of crazy activities and grandiose landscapes? Then here’s a selection of the best outdoor activities in Sicily.

Sicily’s name alone is an invitation to travel and to dream, and not without reason. Because its exceptional setting is a fantastic playground for all the outdoor activities you can do in Sicily. You’ll find raw, untamed nature, unspoilt landscapes and, above all, volcanoes! Indeed,Etna, Stromboli and Vulcano are the ideal backdrop for thrills and spills.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian seas, lined with black or white sandy beaches, full of rugged mountains and volcanoes… Sicily is made up of nothing but grandiose landscapes. For a few days or a few weeks, let yourself be carried away and follow the guide! Here are the best outdoor activities to do in Sicily.

1. Hiking

Activités outdoor Sicile : randonnée

Photo credit: Shutterstock – kubais

There are some landscapes you just can’t resist surveying on foot, to better understand and experience them. Such is the case in Sicily, and especially on the slopes of Mount Etna! That’s why hiking is a must-do outdoor activity in Sicily.

In fact, Sicily offers a vast array of possibilities for day hikes or longer excursions, on your own or in huts. You can walk on ancient lava flows, watch the sun go down at the summit of Etna… And even, why not, witness an eruption! Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes!

2. Guided donkey ride

Activités outdoor Sicile : Randonnée guidée à dos d’âne

Photo credit: Facebook – Etna Donkey Trekking

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity to do in Sicily with your family, then donkey trekking is your solution. In fact, contact with animals completely changes your perception of the landscape. You’ll rediscover Europe’s most beautiful volcano at a new pace, from a new angle… Lulled by your donkey’s footsteps, you can listen to your guide tell you Sicilian legends or talk to you about the surrounding nature.

And it’s an outdoor activity in Sicily that’s accessible to children and the elderly alike! So you can share this timeless moment with grandchildren and grandparents with ease. Sweet shared memories guaranteed!

3. Boat trip

Balade en bateau, Sicile

Boat moored for a visit to Taormina Photo credit: Shutterstock – Andrii Shnaider

But Sicily isn’t just Etna, the mountains and their craggy flanks. The island also faces the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas. The Aeolian archipelago lies some 30 kilometers off the coast. One of the best outdoor activities to do in Sicily is to take a day trip to discover them. What’s more, they’re a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Departing from Taormina, you’ll visit the islands of Panarea and, above all, Stromboli. Here, you’ll have the chance to see the Sciara del Fuoco crater spit its fiery jets into the sky. Disembarking on each island, you can explore the narrow streets on foot and even swim on Stromboli’s famous black lava sand beaches! All in all, a very unusual outdoor activity in Sicily…

4. Canyoning

Activités outdoor Sicile : canyoning

Photo credit: Facebook – Sicilia Adventure

When the weather is hot, it can be a good idea to find an outdoor activity to do in Sicily to cool off. One such activity is canyoning (also known as « body rafting » in some parts of Sicily). One of the best spots on the island is the Alcantara Gorge. For 48 kilometers, this river has cut through the layers of lava erupted by Mount Etna. The gorges are up to twenty-five metres deep in places and two to four metres wide.

You’ll be surrounded by an astonishing landscape of unusual, astonishing and almost bewitching shapes. Water hikes, waterfall jumps, natural slides, swimming… During the few kilometers of this outdoor activity in Sicily, you’ll be transported elsewhere, but above all, you’ll be cool, because… the water is 10°C!

5. Sea kayaking

Activités outdoor Sicile : kayak

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Yuliya Khovbosha

Sea kayaking is a popular outdoor activity in Sicily. It’s a kayak specially designed for sea trips, usually along the coast. If you’re looking for a sport that will give you a sense of calm and freedom, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Sicily offers a wide range of sea kayaking spots. You can discover volcanic caves, tour the Aeolian Islands and much more. Enjoy the landscapes created by volcanoes in a different way, while respecting the environment. Sea kayaking is an eco-friendly outdoor activity in Sicily, as you move around by arm power.

6. Tandem paragliding

Parapente en Sicile

Paragliding over Cefalù Photo credit: Shutterstock – Petr Pohudka

Tandem paragliding is a must-do outdoor activity in Sicily for lovers of intense sensations. You’ll fly like a bird over many of Sicily’s most characteristic spots. Just a few hundred meters below you, you can see the Bay of Castelluzo, the Aeolian Islands, Taormina, Mount Tauro and the Sicilian coastline.

Surrounded by air and wind, you’ll feel a sense of power and freedom that’s hard to describe. You’ll be flying over magical, grandiose landscapes. Tandem paragliding is a must-do outdoor activity in Sicily if you want to take in the sights and leave with a lifetime of memories.

7. ATV

Monter l'Etna en VTT

Mountain biking on Etna Photo credit: Shutterstock – TOP67

Let’s get back on land and away from the sea. The next outdoor activity to do in Sicily is mountain biking. Indeed, it’s as if the landscape was designed for it! Sicily is a land sculpted by numerous and regular volcanic eruptions. So you’ll find steep mountains, lava flows, deep valleys, forests, a bit of scrubland and garrigue… In short, the ideal playground for adrenalin-loving cyclists!

You can hurtle down the slopes at top speed and take time to admire the scenery on the way up. And biking will allow you to blend into the landscape in a whole new way. In short, if you love mountains, forests, wide open spaces and thrills, mountain biking is the outdoor activity for you in Sicily!

8. Scuba diving

Plongée sous-marine en Sicile

Photo credit: Shutterstock – DigitalCrone

Scuba diving is truly one of the best outdoor activities to be enjoyed in Sicily! The archipelago boasts a fascinating, unspoilt underwater world. Discover the Bay of the Sirens, the Blue Grotto and the Isola Bella nature reserve.

Snorkeling or scuba diving, the choice is yours as you discover the seabed and its extraordinary biodiversity. And if you’ve never done it before, don’t worry. This outdoor activity in Sicily is supervised to ensure your safety. So you can enjoy it as a family with children or teenagers.

9. Caving

Spéléologie en Sicile

Caving in Grotta dell’Uzzo Photo credit: Shutterstock – Francesco Bonino

Caving is an original outdoor activity in Sicily… but it’s reserved for those who don’t suffer from claustrophobia. Equipped with harnesses and headlamps, you’ll travel several hundred meters through cooled lava tubes. Guided by an expert, you’ll have the impression of melting into the bowels of the earth.

Caving on the slopes of Mount Etna can be very impressive! Can you imagine yourself standing where a lava flow once lay? Descending sheer gutters? Crawling through narrow galleries? Thrills and adrenalin guaranteed!